Region 15 Nurse and School Health Office Information

The Region 15 School Nursing staff supports student success by providing health care assessment, intervention, and follow-up for all children within the school setting.  Nurse contact information, Board of Education policies related to health, and health forms, including forms for health assessment records, medication administration, immunization/religious exemptions, and immunization requirements are below.  Please contact the school nurse directly with any questions.

Please be sure your child's Emergency Contact Information is updated and accurate.  Notify the main office at your school of any changes.

Student Absence: If your child will be absent or tardy please call the school attendance line before the start of the school day.  Reminder to please complete the Reason for Absence Note.

Student Illness and Attendance: Frequently Asked Questions regarding student illness and attendance can be found here.

School Nurse  Health Office Contact Information
 Pomperaug High School

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, R.N.

Phone: (203) 262-3222 or (203) 262-3283
Fax: (203) 267-6703
Attendance: (203) 262-3211

 Memorial Middle School Kathleen Johannes, R.N.

Phone: (203) 758-1912
Fax: (203) 758-9594
Attendance: (203) 758-1912

 Rochambeau Middle School Maureen Shea, R.N.

Phone: (203) 264-2767
Fax: (203) 264-6638
Attendance: (203) 264-2767

Gainfield Elementary School  Maryann Ferguson, R.N.

Phone: (203) 264-6811
Fax: (203) 264-6439
Attendance: (203) 264-6811

 Long Meadow Elementary School

Phone: (203) 758-1935
Fax:(203) 758-1934
Attendance:(203) 758-1932

 Middlebury Elementary School  Karen Kaplita, R.N.

Phone: (203) 758-1911
Fax: (203) 758-9918
Attendance: (203) 758-1911

 Pomperaug Elementary School Rachel Cronin, RN-BSN

Phone: (203) 264-6230
Fax: (203) 264-7387
Attendance: (203) 264-8283 #2



Mandatory Health Assessments: Mandatory Health Assessment Records are required for Grades Pre-K, Kindergarten, 6, and 10 and need to be on the State of Connecticut Health Assessment Record.

Screenings: All vision, hearing and postural screenings for the mandated Kindergarten, 6th and 10th grade physicals should be performed and recorded by your physician on the Student Health Assessment record.  In school, vision screenings are done in Grades K-6 and Grade 9; hearing is tested in Grades K-3, 5 and 8; and postural screenings (scoliosis) are performed in Grades 5 - 9. A referral form will be sent home if your child does not pass the screening test. Please follow up with the referral and submit the results from your medical provider to the Health Office.

Field Trips: Any student in need of a medication on a field trip must notify the nurse's office one week prior to the field trip.  A doctor's order is mandatory for prescription or over the counter medications.

Injuries/Illness: A Physician's note/order is required for any type of restriction due to injuries.  If your child has an injury or illness that prevents full participation in physical education/recess, communication from your medical provider is required specifying activities that must be modified or avoided.  


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