Visiting Artist Program

The following procedures should help you to understand how the program operates:  

  1. The fee is $28.00 for each half-hour lesson ($112 for four 1/2-hour lessons). Please make checks payable to: PHS Visiting Artist Program.  Checks are collected at the first lesson of each month.

  2. Lessons will not be canceled due to lack of practice or last minute scheduling changes. The instructors plan their schedules around this program and deserve an income for their efforts. Missed lessons without 24 hours notice in advance must be paid for.

  3. If instructors should become ill, lessons will be postponed to a mutually agreed upon appointment.

  4. Specific questions about the program can be answered by your visiting artist, whose information is listed below.  You can also direct questions regarding this program to Mrs. Jane Sarjeant, Director of Fine Arts at 203-262-3258.

  5. Make any scheduling arrangements through your visiting artist as soon as possible to get your most desired time slot.

Visiting Artists

Please call or email the following teachers to arrange for private lessons:

PERCUSSION/DRUMS: Kurt Berglund  203-241-5928

FLUTE:  Jenny Li    Home:  203-285-8356    Cell: 203-695-1322

SAXOPHONE:  Bob Kolb  Home: 203-393-2493  Cell:  203-906-4090

CLARINET:  Bob Kolb  Home:  203-393-2493  Cell:  203-906-4090

GUITAR: Fred Krug  203-206-9619

ACOUSTIC & ELECTRIC BASS: Jim Scianna   203-264-6414

FRENCH HORN: Barbara Hill   Cell 516-817-9981

OBOE:  Diana Brandt    860-919-3815

All Region 15 music students are eligible to take part in the Visiting Artist Program. The Visiting Artist program provides private instruction for music students in the Region 15 Schools. Instructors are professional musicians that specialize in their instrument or voice part. As music students grow, so do the skills required to perform well.

Since the lessons are offered at PHS, they are both economical and convenient. Participating in this program will improve your playing and make you feel more confident, thereby providing you with more enjoyment and greater fulfillment on your instrument.

Contact your Pomperaug Visiting Artist directly, or speak with your Region 15 Music Teacher for more details.