Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences           

The Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences is a course sequence involving science and elective courses that incorporates project-based learning and an opportunity to develop 21st Century Skills such as problem solving, collaboration and communication. All science courses part of the course sequence are aligned with current CT curriculum standards. Technology elective courses address important skills and emerging media in the digital arts. Students complete an extended challenge component culminating with a presentation at the CT Student Innovation Expo (Expo Fest) and have the opportunity to participate in the CT Student Film Festival. Students in the Academy will develop and maintain a digital portfolio and can share their site with peers, parents, prospective employers, and college admissions officers.


2019-20 Academy Open House Night

When?  December 17th from 6:00 - 6:30 pm

Where? Pomperaug High School (room 422)


2019-20 APPLICATION (link)

Students interested in enrolling in the Academy course sequence for freshman year must complete the online application form (click the link above).


Have a Question?  Please take this brief survey: 2019-20 Academy Survey


Further Information (click links below):

The Center for 21st Century Skills at Education Connection (description of the Academy program, it.e. Skills21)

Academy Course Descriptions

2019-20 Middle School Promotional Presentation

2018-19 Freshman Team Project Website - “Shell Shocked”

PRESS RELEASES: EXPO 2013 Awards; EXPO 2014 Awards, EXPO 2016, EXPO 2017, EXPO Redo 2018

Grade Level





Science Courses

Integrated Earth and
Physical Science21
(honors and/or academic levels)

Bio21 (biology)

Chem21 (chemistry)


Elective Courses

Skills21 (digital media and technology)

Mobile App Design (MAD)

½ yr


Video Production I  ½ yr

E-Commerce Entrepreneurship (ECE)


3D Modeling & Animation

Senior Capstone Experience