Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences

The Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences is a sequence of connected courses (including science, math, and technology) that incorporates project-based learning in a blended environment. All science and math courses meet current CT curriculum standards. Technology courses address important skills and emerging media in the digital arts. Students complete an extended challenge component culminating with a presentation at the CT Student Innovation Expo and have the opportunity to participate in the CT Student Film Festival. Students in the Academy will develop and maintain a digital portfolio and can share their site with peers, parents, prospective employers, and college admissions officers.

Blended learning utilizes a teach facilitated, student centered environment that includes online and experiential components to strengthen classroom learning. Students and teachers meet at colleges and corporate campuses to learn from business professional and field experts.

For more information, please visit The Center for 21st Century Skills at Education Connection.

UPDATED! Click here for a synopsis of the Course Descriptions.

VIDEO: Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences' Expo 2013 
VIDEO: Commercial produced about Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences (CLICK HERE)
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PRESS RELEASES: Expo 2013 Awards; Expo 2014 Awards

* PE/Health:   The students enrolled in the Academy take PE together for common scheduling purposes. The PE/Health curriculum is the same as that for the rest of the school.

  Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
High School 
English 9
History 9
World Language
PE/Health *
English 10
History 10
World Language
PE/Health *
Math 11
English 11
History 11
World Language
PE/Health *
Math 12
English 12
History 12
Academy Science 

E3: Earth & Energy Essentials


Chemistry21 Physics21
Academy Math Algebra21


Geometry21 Traditional: Math11 Traditional: Math12
Traditional Math** Academic Algebra I


Academic Geometry
Academic Geometry


Academic Algebra II
Traditional: Math11 Traditional: Math12
Academy Technology Skills21 RD2: Mobile App Design


Digital Media & Moviemaking
ECE: E-Commerce Entrepreneurship


3D Modeling & Animation
Capstone Experience

 **Students may choose to take traditional or Academy math courses