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Instrument Recruitment Night

Region 15 4th graders and their parents attend a Districtwide Instrument Recruitment Night in the spring to learn first-hand about the instrument options for the 5th Grade Band and Orchestra Program. The instrumental teachers share information with students and parents about joining Band or Orchestra, and members of the PHS Tri-M Music Honor Society showcase their instruments on stage and one-on-one with students.

     Online Instrument Registration Form HERE

If you were unable to attend Recruitment Night, below is all of the information presented at the event, including the three steps for signing up for your instrument choice as well as information about obtaining an instrument and supplies for next year and answers to other frequently asked questions. Please read through all information carefully before registering for an instrument.

The 5th Grade Band & Orchestra Teachers

Mrs. Holly Bishop, Orchestra Director - MES, LMES

Mr. David Kean, Orchestra Director - PES, GES

Miss Elizabeth Del Vecchio, Band Director - MES, LMES, PES, GES


Step One: Choose an Instrument

Instruments offered for study in 5th Grade Band and Orchestra:





String Bass






Baritone Horn (Euphonium)

Alto Saxophone


French Horn


Step Two: Sign up for Your Instrument Choice

**Sign up for your instrument via the online form here**

• The deadline for registering for band and orchestra is Monday, June 1, 2015. We cannot guarantee first choice of instrument after this date.

• Please be aware that certain instrument classes fill up quickly. If a class becomes too large, we will contact you for volunteers to switch to their second choice.

• If you sign up your child after the deadline of June 1, you must contact the appropriate teacher to check if there is room for your child’s instrument choice. We will forward the registration link to you at that time.


Step Three:  Obtain an Instrument and Accessories

Option #1: Rent (Recommended)
The following is a list of local instrument rental vendors. Rental forms are available in the main office of your school. We advise you to mail in the rental forms by June 30 to secure an instrument. The following companies will deliver the rental to your child’s school at the beginning of the school year.

Westbury Music Company
686 Main Street
Watertown, CT 06795
(860) 274-1556

Connecticut Music Company
P.O. Box 458
Westbrook, CT 06498
(860) 399-7018

Goldie & Libro Music Center, LLC
380 Washington Ave. (Rt. 5)
North Haven, CT 06473
1-(800) 527-7212
(203) 239-2263

Southbury Music Studio
100 Main Street North
Southbury, CT 06488
(203) 805-8767
(203) 262-6106

Woodbury Music Shop
714 Main Street South
Woodbury, CT 06798
(203) 263-8232

Option #2: Already Own
If you are using an instrument that you already own, we highly recommend that you bring it in to a reputable music shop over the summer to be looked over and repaired before the school year begins, especially if the instrument is old or has been played or owned by another person. There is nothing more frustrating for a beginning instrumentalist than an instrument that is in poor repair.

Option #3: Purchase (Not recommended)
We do not recommend purchasing an instrument until the student has played for a least a year and is committed to continuing on it. When you are ready to purchase an instrument, please contact your child’s teacher for recommendations. Please be aware that instruments purchased online tend to be poorly and cheaply made, break easily, and usually cannot be repaired.

Region 15 has a very limited number of instruments available for your child’s use free of charge for families with financial need. If you are unable to rent an instrument due to financial hardship, please email the appropriate teacher with your request to borrow a school instrument. All instruments are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Parents and students are responsible for any damage or loss/theft of the instrument. Students playing tuba will need to borrow a school instrument.

*Don’t forget to purchase a lesson book and necessary supplies for your instrument!*


Band & Orchestra Supplies and Accessories

All band and orchestra students will need a 1-inch, 3-ring binder. A music stand is recommended for home practice.

**Please note: Essential Elements for Band/Strings was previously published under the title Essential Elements 2000. It is fine if you use this older version as the content is identical.

Violin: Essential Elements for Strings Book 1 for Violin, rosin, shoulder sponge or shoulder rest, cleaning cloth

Viola: Essential Elements for Strings Book 1 for Viola, rosin, shoulder sponge or shoulder rest, cleaning cloth

Cello: Essential Elements for Strings Book 1 for Cello, rosin, cleaning cloth, rock stop (optional)

String Bass: Essential Elements for Strings Book 1 for Double Bass, rosin, cleaning cloth

Flute: Essential Elements for Band Book 1 for Flute, cleaning swab, cleaning rod, cleaning cloth

Oboe: Essential Elements for Band Book 1 for Oboe, cleaning swab, cork grease, extra reeds (medium-soft strength)

Clarinet: Essential Elements for Band Book 1 for Clarinet, cleaning swab, cork grease, extra reeds (#2 strength)

Alto Saxophone: Essential Elements for Band Book 1 for Alto Saxophone, cleaning swab, cork grease, extra reeds (#2 strength)

French Horn: Essential Elements for Band Book 1 for French Horn, valve oil, slide grease, old rag or washcloth ***Note: Please rent a single French Horn***

Trumpet: Essential Elements for Band Book 1 for Trumpet, valve oil, slide grease, old rag or washcloth

Trombone: Essential Elements for Band Book 1 for Trombone, slide oil, old rag or washcloth

Baritone: Essential Elements for Band Book 1 for B.C. Baritone, valve oil, slide grease, old rag or washcloth

Tuba: Essential Elements for Band Book 1 for Tuba, valve oil, slide grease, old rag or washcloth

Percussion: Teaching Rhythm by Joel Rothman and Essential Elements for Band Book 1 for Percussion, snare drum sticks (recommended: Vic Firth SD9 or 5B), rubber drum pad (looks like a black hat) ***Note: Percussionists should rent a snare drum kit***

Frequently Asked Questions

• Will I receive a confirmation regarding my instrument choice? If you sign up before the registration deadline, you will automatically receive your first choice of instrument and will not receive a confirmation. You will only be contacted if your instrument group becomes too large, and we will ask if there are any students who would like to voluntarily switch to their second choice. If you register after the deadline, you must contact the appropriate teacher via email to check if there is still room for your instrument choice.

• Can my instrument go on the bus? All instruments except for the tuba and string bass may be brought on the bus. Larger instruments such as the cello will be your “bus buddy” and sit beside you on the seat. If you play the tuba or string bass you must arrange for a ride to and from school on your band/orchestra day(s).

• When should I rent my instrument? We recommend that you submit rental forms to your music company of choice before the end of June in order to secure an instrument. If you rent from one of the listed vendors, the instrument will be delivered to your school, and you will receive it at your first lesson. If you rent from any other company, you will need to pick the instrument up from the store.

• Should I practice my instrument over the summer? Unless you are taking summer lessons from a knowledgeable music teacher, we do not recommend that you practice your instrument over the summer. Instruments are very delicate and can be broken easily if not handled correctly. Also, if improperly practiced, any bad habits acquired are very difficult to break.

• How does the lesson and rehearsal schedule work? You will receive a lesson and rehearsal schedule from your instrumental teacher at the first lesson. Lessons begin in mid-September and full rehearsals in October. Each student will receive one 40-minute group lesson and attend a 40-minute full rehearsal every week. Lessons and rehearsals occur during the school day.

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