School by Street Name

Street Elementary School Middle School
Abbot Farm Road LMES MMS
Algin Drive MES MMS
Allerton Farms Road MES MMS
Amos White Road PES RMS
Andrew Place LMES MMS
Anawan Avenue MES MMS
Artillery Road LMES MMS
Ash Lane PES RMS
Atwood Street, M LMES MMS
Aveline Drive MES MMS
Bagley Road LMES MMS
Bates Rock Road GES RMS
Bayberry Road MES MMS
Beacon Hill Road MES MMS
Beacon Hill Road LMES MMS
Beecher Drive LMES MMS
Benson Road, M LMES MMS
Berkshire Road GES RMS
Bioski Road MES MMS
Birch Road, M LMES MMS
Birchwood Terrace MES MMS
Blueberry Knoll MES MMS
Blueberry Lane LMES MMS
Bona Road LMES MMS
Branch Road GES RMS
Breakneck Hill Road MES MMS
Breakneck Hill Rd.
Even: 148 and Above
Odd: 125 and Above 
Brennan Road GES RMS
Briarwood Terrace MES MMS
Bridle Path Road LMES MMS
Bristol Drive LMES MMS
Bristol Town Road, Southbury GES RMS
Bronson MES MMS
Brook Lane MES MMS
Brookside Drive LMES MMS
Brookside, Middlebury LMES MMS
Brown Brook Road GES RMS
Brown Road GES RMS
Bucks Hill Road LMES MMS
Bullet Hill Road PES RMS
Burma Road PES RMS
Burr Hall Road LMES MMS
Burr Road PES RMS
Carriage Drive, Middlebury LMES MMS
Carriage Drive, Southbury GES RMS
Cassidy Road GES RMS
Cedar Crest PES RMS
Cedar Grove Road LMES MMS
Cemetery Road LMES MMS
Central Road MES MMS
Chain Trail GES RMS
Charcoal Avenue LMES MMS
Charcoal Ridge LMES MMS
Charter Oak Road GES RMS
Chase Road MES MMS
Chesham Drive LMES MMS
Chestnut Tree Hill Road LMES MMS
Christian Court LMES MMS
Christian Road LMES MMS
Church Rd LMES MMS
Clearview Knoll Road MES MMS
Clubhouse Drive, M LMES MMS
Community House Road GES RMS
Connecting Road LMES MMS
Coachmans Drive GES RMS
Cobbler Lane PES RMS
Colonial Avenue MES MMS
Colonial Court, Middlebury LMES MMS
Colonial Drive GES RMS
Cooper Hill Road PES RMS
Coughlin Drive GES RMS
Country Club Road MES MMS
Country Woods Lane GES RMS
Crest Road MES MMS
Crook Horn Road GES RMS
Cross Road MES MMS
Curt Smith Road PES RMS
Curtis Road MES MMS
Deer Hill Road GES RMS
Diamond Match Road PES RMS
Dublin Hill Road LMES MMS
Dublin Road LMES MMS
Dwyer Road, M MES MMS
East Farm Road LMES MMS
East Meadow Road GES RMS
East Ridge MES MMS
Edgar Road MES MMS
Elaine Drive PES RMS
 Elfin Place LMES MMS
Elk Drive PES RMS
Evergreen Drive GES RMS
Fairfield Drive PES RMS
Fairhaven Road MES MMS
Falcon Crest Road MES MMS
Far View Commons PES RMS
Fenn Road MES MMS
Ferndale Avenue MES MMS
Fish Rock Road PES RMS
Flag Swamp Road GES RMS
Flood Bridge Road GES RMS
Forest Road LMES MMS
Foster Street MES MMS
Fox Run Road LMES MMS
Freedom Road MES MMS
Gate Post Lane GES RMS
George Street MES MMS
Georges Hill Road PES RMS
Glen Lane LMES MMS
Glenwood Avenue MES MMS
Grace Meadows GES RMS
Grandview Road LMES MMS
Grasslands Road GES RMS
Grecenko Circle GES RMS
Green Hill Road MES MMS
Greenwood Drive LMES MMS
Grey Rock Road PES RMS
Gunnars Road GES RMS
Hannah Drive MES MMS
Hawkins Road GES RMS
Hawley Road LMES MMS
Hemlock Ridge GES RMS
Hennessey Road PES RMS
Heritage Crest Road GES RMS
Heritage Road GES RMS
Hickory Lane PES RMS
Hicock Road GES RMS
Hidden Brook Drive LMES MMS
High Meadow Drive PES RMS
High Point Road LMES MMS
High Ridge Road GES RMS
Highland Drive LMES MMS
Highview Avenue MES MMS
Hillcrest LMES MMS
Hillhouse Road GES RMS
Hill Parkway LMES MMS
Hillside Road GES RMS
Hill Top Trail PES RMS
Hinman Lane LMES MMS
Hollow Swamp Road GES RMS
Holly Hill Lane PES RMS
Homestead Road LMES MMS
Hornet Nest Road
Horse Fence Hill Road GES RMS
Hulls Hill Road PES RMS
Hunters Ridge Road LMES MMS
Hurds Hill Road LMES MMS
Hurley Road LMES MMS
Ichabod Road PES RMS
Independence Circle (Middlebury) LMES MMS
Independence Circle GES RMS
Indian Trail PES RMS
Ivy Hills Road LMES MMS
Ivy Road, M LMES MMS
Jacob Road PES RMS
Jacqueline Drive PES RMS
Janet Drive MES MMS
Jeremy Swamp Road PES RMS
Jo Ann Road MES MMS
John Street MES MMS
Joy Road MES MMS
Judd Hill Road LMES MMS
Judd Road LMES MMS
Judson Road, M MES MMS
Juniper Road MES MMS
Kelly Road MES MMS
Kettletown Road PES RMS
Kettletown Woods Road PES RMS
Kiev Drive GES RMS
King Street (Middlebury) MES MMS
Kingsley Avenue (Middlebury) MES MMS
Kissawaug Road, Middlebury LMES MMS
Kuhne Road GES RMS
Lake Ridge Rd. PES RMS
Lakemere Road PES RMS
Lakeshore Drive, Middlebury LMES MMS
Lakeside Road PES RMS
Lakeview Drive, Middlebury LMES MMS
Lakeview Trail, Southbury PES RMS
Lantern Park Lane South GES RMS
Lantern Park Lane North GES RMS
Laurel Road, M LMES MMS
Laurel Wood Lane PES RMS
Lee Farms Drive PES RMS
Leonard Road MES MMS
Library Road MES MMS
Linden Lane PES RMS
Little Fox Lane PES RMS
Lockhart Drive LMES MMS
Lockwood Road, Middlebury LMES MMS
Long Meadow Road LMES MMS
Lorelei Road PES RMS
Low Bridge Road GES RMS
Lower Fish Rock Road PES RMS
Lubec Road LMES MMS
Lum Lot Road LMES MMS
Luna Trail PES RMS
Luther Drive LMES MMS
Main Street North  LMES MMS
Main St. North
Even: 100-348
Odd: 121-339 
Main Street South GES RMS
Manor Road GES RMS
Mansion House Road GES RMS
Maple Tree Hill Road PES RMS
Marney Drive MES MMS
Meredith Road MES MMS
Middlebury Road, Rte. 64
Even: 750 & Above
Odd: 2065 & Above 
Middlebury Terrace MES MMS
Midland Trail GES RMS
Midway Drive, M LMES MMS
Mirey Dam Road LMES MMS
Mistletoe Drive PES RMS
Munn Road LMES MMS
Munson Road LMES MMS
Murphy Lane PES RMS
Nantucket Way LMES MMS
Narcissus Road, M LMES MMS
Nelson Road PES RMS
Nick Road MES MMS
Nicols Road MES MMS
Nod Hill Road PES RMS
North Benson Road, M LMES MMS
North Farm Road LMES MMS
North Georges Hill PES RMS
North Poverty Road GES RMS
North Street MES MMS
Northridge Drive LMES MMS
Northwood Drive MES MMS
Nutmeg Road MES MMS
Oak Hill Drive PES RMS
Oak Lane PES RMS
Oakdale Road GES RMS
Old Field Road GES RMS
Old Highway LMES MMS
Old Ichabod Road PES RMS
Old Oakwood Drive LMES MMS
Old Poverty Road GES RMS
Old Regan Road MES MMS
Old Sherman Hill Road LMES MMS
Old Waterbury Road  LMES MMS
Old Waterbury Road (Middlebury) MES MMS
Old Watertown Road LMES MMS
Old Woodbury Road LMES MMS
Overton Farm Road LMES MMS
Painter Road LMES MMS
Palmer Road PES RMS
Park Road Ext. MES MMS
Pascoe Drive GES RMS
Patriot Road GES RMS
Peach Orchard GES RMS
Peck Lane GES RMS
Pepper Tree Lane GES RMS
Pepper Tree Hill Lane GES RMS
Perkins Road GES RMS
Peter Road PES RMS
Pine Hill Road GES RMS
Pine Hollow Road MES MMS
Plaster House Road PES RMS
Pleasant Drive GES RMS
Plymouth Lane LMES MMS
Pond View Road GES RMS
Pope Road LMES MMS
Poplar Drive GES RMS
Porter Avenue MES MMS
Porter Hill MES MMS
Poverty Road GES RMS
Preston Hill Road LMES MMS
Purchase Brook Road GES RMS
Quaker Farms Road PES RMS
Railstone Drive LMES MMS
Ravenwood Drive MES MMS
Reagan Road MES MMS
Reservoir Road LMES MMS
Revere Circle GES RMS
Richardson Drive MES MMS
Ridgeview Road LMES MMS

Ridgewood, Middlebury

River Hill Road GES RMS
River Trail GES RMS
Riverside Drive, Middlebury LMES MMS
Robinson Lane GES RMS
Rocky Mountain Road PES RMS
Rony Corner Lane LMES MMS
Rose Court MES MMS
Roxbury Road GES RMS
Royal Coach PES RMS
Russian Village Road GES RMS
Sachem Road GES RMS
Saddle Ridge PES RMS
Sandy Beach Road LMES MMS
Sandy Hill Road MES MMS
Sanford Road PES RMS
Satinwood Road, M LMES MMS
Scatacook Lane GES RMS
Scout Road PES RMS
Scuppo Road LMES MMS
Settlers Hill LMES MMS
Shadduck Road MES MMS
Shane Drive PES RMS
Shepaug River Road GES RMS
Short Rock Road LMES MMS
Silver Beech Road PES RMS
Skyline Drive, Middlebury MES MMS
Skyline Drive, Southbury PES RMS
Skyview Drive LMES MMS
Sleepy Hill Road PES RMS
Sleepy Hollow Road PES RMS
South Britain Road GES RMS
South Georges Hill PES RMS
South Street MES MMS
South Street GES RMS
South View Avenue MES MMS
Southford Road
Southford Road
Even: 750 & Above
Odd: 623 & Above 
Southridge Road LMES MMS
Southwood Road MES MMS
Southwoods Terrace LMES MMS
Spring Road LMES MMS
Spring Trail GES RMS
Spruce Brook Road GES RMS
St. Joseph Avenue MES MMS
Steinmann Avenue MES MMS
Stevens Road MES MMS
Stiles Road GES RMS
Stillson Road GES RMS
Stone's Way PES RMS
Stonegate Drive PES RMS
Stonewall Road MES MMS
Stonington Court LMES MMS
Stony Brook Road MES MMS
Straits Turnpike MES MMS
Strathmore Road MES MMS
Strongtown Road LMES MMS
Sunburst Drive LMES MMS
Sunset Ridge LMES MMS
Surrey Lane GES RMS
Tallwood Road PES RMS
Tepi Drive GES RMS
Three Mile Hill Road MES MMS
Timberlane Way GES RMS
Tolstoy Lane GES RMS
Tower Road MES MMS
Townsend Street MES MMS
Traditions, Southbury GES RMS
Tranquility Road LMES MMS
Triangle Boulevard, M LMES MMS
Tucker Hill Road MES MMS
Turrill Brook Drive GES RMS
Tuttle Road LMES MMS
Tyler Crossing LMES MMS
Tyler Road MES MMS
Upland Road MES MMS
Upper Fish Rock Road PES RMS
Upper Whittemore LMES MMS
Valley Stream Lane PES RMS
Vista View Drive
W. Gilbert Road GES RMS
Watertown Road  MES MMS
Wakely Road PES RMS
Washington Drive, M. LMES MMS
Washington Circle, Southbury GES RMS
Watch Hill Drive LMES MMS
West Flat Hill Road GES RMS
West Lake Rd. LMES MMS
West Purchase Road GES RMS
West View Road PES RMS
Westwood Drive MES MMS
Wheeler Road GES RMS
White Avenue MES MMS
White Birch Lane GES RMS
White Deer Rock Road LMES MMS
Whitehall Street LMES MMS
White Pine Road GES RMS
Whittemore Road MES MMS
Winmar Drive GES RMS
Winterwood Drive PES RMS
Winthrop Drive LMES MMS
Wolf Pit Road LMES MMS
Woodfield Road MES MMS
Woodland Hills Road LMES MMS
Woodland Road, M MES MMS
Woodlot Lane LMES MMS
Woods Way Drive LMES MMS
Woodside Avenue MES MMS
Wooster Road MES MMS
Yale Avenue MES MMS