Long Term Goal of Regional School District 15

Regional School District 15 has a long-standing commitment to high-quality education for all students.  Our students attend excellent colleges and are well prepared for life beyond school.  But we can never be complacent.  We recognize that our economy and work lives are evolving at a rapid pace, and will require an additional set of abilities in the 21st century.

In September 2015, the Board of Education of Regional School District 15 approved a long-term district goal statement to set a clear and compelling vision for the district’s current and future efforts.  The goal states:  “Students will demonstrate the Region 15 learner expectations of collaboration, critical thinking, communication, innovation, global citizenship, and character.”

The 21st century skills of collaboration, critical thinking, communication, innovation, global citizenship, and character were identified by a committee of Region 15 teachers and administrators.  They are described as follows:

Collaboration: The Region 15 student works effectively and respectfully with diverse teams, shares responsibility for collaborative work, values the individual contributions made by each team member, and works to build consensus towards a shared goal.

Critical ThinkingThe Region 15 student addresses authentic problems by collecting, questioning, evaluating, and analyzing relevant information.  The student makes judgments and decisions when pursuing solutions to challenging problems and reflects upon learning experiences as a framework for belief and action.

Communication: The Region 15 student articulates thoughts and ideas in a variety of forms and contexts.  The student interprets spoken and written language and revises ideas and positions relative to new understandings, purposes and audiences.  He or she acts as an architect and engineer of diverse forms of information using a range of contemporary tools.

Innovation: The Region 15 student actively uses curiosity and internal motivation to push boundaries and take risks to produce novel ideas and products.  The student reflects upon, critically evaluates, revises and communicates his or her own ideas, and perseveres when faced with challenges.

Global Citizenship: The Region 15 student recognizes the rapidly changing nature of the global landscape and demonstrates the capacity and disposition to understand and act on issues of global significance while honoring the dignity, cultures, and rights of all people.  The student makes thoughtful decisions based on multiple perspectives and responds to the needs of the local and global community. 

Character:  The Region 15 student displays the core values of honesty, responsibility, respect, and caring.  The student honors the unique qualities of each individual and recognizes how these differences contribute to the tapestry of our community.  The student accepts responsibility for his or her own actions and demonstrates leadership when needed.

These 21st century skills build on Regional School District 15’s long-standing commitment to high-quality education, and are designed to prepare our students for the increasingly technological world in which they live and into which they will graduate.  By setting this important direction, the Board of Education has made a commitment to educate our students for their future, not for our past.

Increasingly, rows of desks are replaced by seating arrangements that allow for student-to-student discourse, so that even our youngest students have opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions; probing and responding to each others’ thinking and taking responsibility for both shared and individual goals.  Increasingly, our students are working on authentic and challenging problems – by collecting, questioning, evaluating and analyzing relevant information.  They are learning to make reasoned judgments and decisions about what information is needed, how to locate important information, and how to judge its reliability.  Increasingly, our students are articulating thoughts and ideas in a variety of forms and learning to communicate their ideas to meet the needs of their audience.  Increasingly, our students are actively engaging their curiosity and motivation to push creative boundaries, and to take risks to produce novel ideas and products.  They are learning to persevere when faced with a challenge or with contradictory information.  Increasingly, we want our students to recognize the rapidly changing nature of the global landscape and to demonstrate the capacity and disposition to understand and act on issues from a global perspective.  And increasingly, we want our students to act in ways that demonstrate honesty, responsibility, respect and caring, honoring the unique qualities of each individual and appreciating the contribution of individual differences to the rich tapestry of our community.

Regional School District 15’s long-term goal sets clear and compelling vision for our current and future efforts.  Our students deserve nothing less than to be equipped with 21st century skills, developing the flexibility and persistence with which to encounter a rapidly changing technological world. This goal works in conjunction with Regional School District 15’s mission statement, supporting the future direction of the region, confirming our commitment to 21st century education, and providing a systemic approach to our high standard of excellence.

“The mission of Region 15, a collaborative community committed to excellence, is to educate every student to be productive, ethical, and engaged in a global society through proven and innovative learning experiences supported by its strong community whose decision-making is based on the best interest of all students. –Mission Statement, Adopted 12/9/2002; Updated 2009.