Budget & Voting Information

One of the main responsibilities of the Region 15 Board of Education is to develop an annual operating budget proposal that supports the educational goals of our community.

All registered voters or owners of taxable property (valued over $1,000) are eligible to vote in the School Budget Referendum. The property (real estate/home, motor vehicle, personal) must be listed in the person's name on the October, 2017 Grand List. Owner(s) must be a U.S. citizen(s) over 18 years of age.

2018 Budget Timeline

Date Time Budget Step Location
February 26th
7:30 pm  Superintendent's Presentation of Budget PHS All Purpose Room
March 14th
7:00 pm  Budget Workshop  LMES Media Center
March 22nd
6:30 pm Budget Workshop LMES Media Center
March 26th 
7:30 pm Board of Education's Presentation of Budget PHS All Purpose Room

April 3rd

7:30 pm Public Hearing and Adoption of Budget PHS All Purpose Room
May 2nd
6:00 am - 8:00 pm  Referendum

Southbury Firehouse
(461 Main Street South) 

Middlebury Shepardson Center
(1172 Whittemore Road)

2018-2019 Budget

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