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Greetings for the Winter Holidays and New Year!

Dear Region 15 Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

As the winter holidays fast approach, so does our students’ excitement.  It is indeed a pleasure and a privilege for all of us at Region 15 to work with the children of Middlebury and Southbury – a pleasure and privilege that we enjoy as we are blessed with sharing our students’ wonder, joy, and generosity in a special way at this time of year. 

The season of winter holidays offers all of us a chance to be closer to family, friends, people we haven’t yet met, and people whom we don’t yet know well enough.  If we wish it, it offers us a chance for reflection on the personal qualities and practices that mean so much to us. 

As I reflect on the opportunities presented by this season, I cannot help but reflect also on societal issues that we seem to hear about so much today -- violence, sexual harassment, discrimination, and unkind words and actions still exist.  And we, and our children, live in their midst -- through the news, through word of mouth, and sometimes, sadly, through experience.

As you know, Region 15 is committed to supporting character development in our students.  In 2015, the Board of Education approved our long-term pursuit in this area.  Through the traits of honesty, responsibility, respect and caring, we aim for our students to honor the unique qualities of each individual, and to recognize how individual differences contribute to the rich tapestry of our community and world. 

At this time of year, I am touched by the many examples of our student groups’ charitable works – providing food baskets, conducting clothing and toy drives, and making personal outreach by visiting local residents in convalescent facilities.  Region-wide, we are working on continued efforts to support positive and healthy character traits.  In our elementary and middle schools, we are currently studying an approach to building a stronger sense of community in our classrooms and our schools;  at Pomperaug High School, we have continued and expanded such efforts as advisory, diversity day, and the student vision council, providing students with personal leadership opportunities to support a culture of respect and responsibility.  Efforts like these promote the development of character traits that we believe are just as important as the cognitive skills of critical and innovative thinking. 

We value our partnership with families and the larger community in all efforts, and in this effort in particular.  As we approach the winter holidays and the start of a new year, what better time is there to reflect on the values that mean so much to us?  As we join together in our homes, in public places, and in our places of worship, may we come together to model a life of character for our children, and in so doing, support them as we work together to build a better community and world. 

My best wishes to you and your families this holiday season, throughout 2018, and beyond!


Regina Lemerich Botsford

 Regina Lemerich Botsford

 Region 15 Superintendent of Schools


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