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North Benson Road
P.O. Box 1122
Middlebury, Connecticut 06762
(203) 758-1686

Bus Routes

If a parent/guardian has questions regarding their child’s regular bus route, please call
First Student Transportation Bus Company directly at the number listed above.

Region 15 provides transportation for students to and from school, including field trips.
The buses have three runs: high school, middle school, and elementary school.

Special Request for Elementary Level Students

If a parent/guardian has a special request for their child who attends an elementary school, please contact the school office for an Alternate Transportation Request
Form. Please note ~ the form requires the special request to be consistent for all five (5) days, and submitted to the school office every year.

In some circumstances, a parent/guardian may have a special request for their child to be picked up or dropped off at a location, other than the child(s) regular bus stop. If you have a request, please email the Transportation Office at