Facilities Rental

In accordance with Board Policy 1330, the District encourages the cost-effective use of school facilities by the community for civic, educational, cultural, charitable, and recreational needs whenever possible without interfering with the regular school program and scheduled upkeep of said facilities. 

In all instances, school sponsored activities and functions shall have priority over any outside customers, and we reserve the right to deny any application for facility use. 

1. Identify the facility and facility space you want to use.

2. Read the procedures, rules, use priority, and insurance in Policy 1330.

3. Download, print, and complete the Facility Use Request Form . If you have any questions, please contact Brenda McGrath or Bridgette Brasche at Region 15 Central Office. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using Pomperaug High School, you must also complete their internal form which explains responsibilities of the customers who are renting the facilities for both police and fire coverage.

For general questions or comments about using a school facility, please contact Brenda McGrath  or Bridgette Brasche in the District Business Services office at 203-758-8259, ext. 121.