Programs & Services

The Student Services Department serves students with special needs and consists of a director and assistant director, secretaries, para-professionals and certified staff members including Special Education Teachers, Speech/Language Pathologists, School Psychologists and Counselors, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists. 

When recommended by the Planning and Placement Team, special education instruction and related services are provided to students, at all grade levels, by certified and/or licensed professional staff members. Programs for special-need students are designed to encourage participation in the regular school program whenever possible.


Special Education Resource

The Special Education Resource Program is designed to provide academic support to students in grades K-12 who have special education needs. Due to identified learning disabilities, emotional needs, or other identified disabilities, these students require support in one or more academic area in order to be successful in the regular classroom. There are multiple models of service delivery for special education.

Learning Center I

LC I classes are designed to provide programs for moderately, severely, and profoundly intellectually disabled and/or multi-disabled students. These students are provided functional academic education, communication, self-help, social, emotional, fine & gross motor, and pre-vocational/vocational programs to help them develop their skills in all of these areas.

Students are included in regular homeroom activities and other regular classes as deemed appropriate for the individual student by the PPT.

Homebound Instruction

Homebound instruction is available to students who are absent from school for three weeks or more (due to a health condition) may receive homebound instruction. Appropriate documentation, including a physician note,  is required. Homebound instruction may also be recommended through the Planning and Placement Team process.

Speech/Language Services

Students demonstrating a communication disorder which adversely affects his or her educational performance are provided service in either individual and/or small group settings. The Speech and Language Pathologist in each building works closely with classroom teachers and other staff involved with the student in an effort to facilitate communication skills and promote academic success.

Psychological & Counseling Services

Every school in the Region has both a School Psychologist and at least one Guidance Counselor who are active members of the PPT. Individual and/or group counseling is provided by them based on the individual student's needs. School Psychologists are also instrumental in the evaluation and diagnosis of students with disabilities. These staff members also work as the liaison between the school and other community agencies working with the students and their families.

Learning Center

The Learning Center Program is designed for those students with identified disabilities who require considerably more than support help in order to be successful in their school programs. Students receive direct instruction in as many academic areas as deemed necessary by the PPT, based on the individual student's needs. The goal of the Learning Center Program is to provide an intensive academic program and transition students back into the regular classroom as soon as they indicate they will be able to do so successfully. The Learning Center Program, as described above, is available to students in at all grade levels.

Alternative Education

The Alternative Education Program is a specialized high school program designed to offer selected students recommended by Pomperaug High School (PHS) Planning and Placement Team (PPT) an optimal learning environment off campus, to facilitate their academic progress, social-emotional growth and development and assist them in meeting the requirements for graduation from PHS.


A Pre-Primary Learning Center is available for students from 3-6 years of age. These students have developmental delays (intellectual, physical, social, emotional, or language) which will significantly impair their progress and adjustment in school when they enter Kindergarten. The children are given special instruction in order to develop their cognitive, perceptual, speech and language skills, as well as their self-help, social skills, and fine/gross motor coordination.

Occupational & Physical Therapy

Some students with disabilities may require physical and/or occupational therapy services to enable them to benefit from their special education program. These therapies are provided by fully-trained and licensed physical and/or occupational therapists. A prescription specifically written for each student must be approved by the student's attending physician before these services can be provided. 

Health Services

The Health Offices in Region 15 are supervised by Registered Nurses who are the primary health care providers in the schools. The school nurse provides care for a student with emergency injuries and illnesses. If further care is required, the student is sent home and/or referred to their personal physicians. The school nurse also provides nursing care for students with special health care needs while at school, conducts state-mandated health screenings, monitors and provides appropriate nursing interventions for communicable diseases and maintains health information on all students in the school.