Region 15 Schools Schools is committed to protecting student data in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and Connecticut Student Data Privacy Act (CT PA 16-189).


Region 15 Schools collects and uses data from our students and teachers for certain applications where required.  Per the CT PA 16-189, we are required to enter into a Student Data Privacy agreement with any vendor who collects and stores Student "Personally Identifiable Information" 

State Statute defines this information as "Student information" means personally identifiable information or material of a student in any media or format that is not publicly available and is any of the following: (A) Created or provided by a student or the parent or legal guardian of a student, to the operator in the course of the student, parent or legal guardian using the operator's Internet web site, online service or mobile application for school purposes, (B) created or provided by an employee or agent of a local or regional board of education to an operator for school purposes, or (C) gathered by an operator through the operation of the operator's Internet web site, online service or mobile application and identifies a student, including, but not limited to, information in the student's records or electronic mail account, first or last name, home address, telephone number, date of birth, electronic mail address, discipline records, test results, grades, evaluations, criminal records, medical records, health records, Social Security number, biometric information, disabilities, socioeconomic information, food purchases, political affiliations, religious affiliations, text messages, documents, student identifiers, search activity, photographs, voice recordings, survey responses or behavioral assessments."


Below are additional resources for parents regarding Student Data Privacy:

CTEDTECH State of Connecticut Education Software Hub

Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology


Any vendor who provides services to the district where "student information" is collected in partnership with Region 15 shall enter into a student data privacy agreement with Region 15 for the purposes of protecting the privacy of the student data. Any agreement entered into, amended, or renewed on or after July 1, 2018 must be in compliance with Connecticut State Law, Public Act 16- 189.  Connecticut Boards of Education are required to enter into written contracts with consultants, operators, and/or contractors prior to providing them with, or allowing them to access, student information, student records, or student generated content.  This page will serve as a place holder for compliance documents with CT PA 16-189. 


Notice of Contract requests and approved agreements as well as any breaches are posted below.





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