SchoolMessenger FAQs

1. What is SchoolMessenger and why is the District using it?

SchoolMessenger is a state-of-the-art automated notification system which enables a school district to contact parents and/or staff in a timely manner.  It can easily send a voice and/or email message to thousands of land line phones, cell phones, or smartphones in a matter of minutes. 

SchoolMessenger provides notification services for emergency broadcasts and parental outreach communication for K-12 education communities. A major reason Region 15 chose to use SchoolMessenger is to contact parents in emergency situations such as Emergency Early Dismissals, Delays, or School Cancellations, when quick notification is critical.  

2. Will I still get calls and emails if I don’t go online and change my contact information?

Yes, you will still be contacted using the contact information you provided to your child’s school on the Annual Registration Update Form. You will still automatically receive phone and email announcements for other call types such as Emergency or General Announcements.

3. Is SchoolMessenger a secure site?

Yes.  SchoolMessenger is a well known and reliable company in the education industry.  All session information including uploads of sensitive information are done using 256-bit SSL encryption certified by VeriSign.  SchoolMessenger uses two redundant firewalls to ensure protection against both internal and external attacks.  In addition, a third-party auditing firm performs extensive quarterly security reviews.   

4. What contact information was uploaded into SchoolMessenger?

Contact information is uploaded from our student information system. We have uploaded the following information on a per child basis: Up to 2 home phone numbers, up to 2 cell phone numbers, up to 2 day/work phone numbers and up to 2 email addresses . Although day/work phone numbers are uploaded,  the system cannot call extensions. If you have a direct line work number that you would like to be contacted on, please be sure to include that number on the Annual Registration Update Form or call your child's school directly to inform the school staff of any updates to your contact information.

5.  Who do I notify when I change, add or disconnect a phone number or email address?

If your contact information changes during the school year, please notify the main office of your child's school.  Our student information system automatically updates the SchoolMessenger system on a nightly basis with any new parent contact information.

6. What should I do if I encounter problems setting up my Contact Manager Account?

You may wish to log out and try again.  If you still cannot successfully complete your contact preference, please send an email to explaining your problem in detail. Please include contact information and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

7. Can I change my preference list at a later date if I want to?

Yes, if you’d like to try it first and see how it works you can always go online at a later date and change your contact preference.

8. What number will appear on my caller ID?

Your caller ID will display the district main phone number (203-758-8259) or your child's school main number.  Caller ID will not display a name associated with the number.

9. Will I receive multiple phone calls if I have more than one child in school(s)?

SchoolMessenger eliminates the duplication of calls to the same phone number.  You will only receive one call per phone number listed. So if you have three children enrolled in Region 15 schools, you will only receive one call.

10. The system is not working for me, I need personal assistance with SchoolMessenger. Who do I call?

For additional questions, please email or call 203-758-8259 ext.125. Please leave detailed information about the problem and a name and phone/email.