Elementary School Standards Based Report Cards

Region 15 uses a Standards Based Report Card at the elementary school level which allows teachers to communicate detailed information about a student's academic progress in all subject areas, as well as individual learner attributes and citizenship.

  • The elementary report card is distributed three times per year and provides information about performance in relation to the curriculum standards.  Student progress is assessed using a variety of formal and informal measures and grading is based on the expectations for concepts and skills taught during the marking period.
  •  Teacher comments are also included to provide additional information about student performance.  Learner attributes and citizenship are marked as consistent, most of the time, or inconsistent. Student performance in these areas is not factored into academic grades. The report card reflects any modifications or accommodations in grading, course content or student expectations specified by a 504 Accommodation Plan or an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
  • Teachers and principals can provide more detailed information about curriculum and assessment practices and answer any questions you may have about the report card.

The report card uses the following proficiency levels to indicate progress toward the grade-level standards for each marking period: 

Exceeds Standard
Meets Standard
Near Standard
Below Standard
Not Addressed
Student performance is consistently above current grade level expectations as evidenced by independent application of concepts and skills. Student performance is consistently at grade level expectations and may on occasion be above grade level as evidenced by independent application of concepts and skills. Student performance is beginning to and occasionally does meet grade level expectations


Student requires regular support to meet grade level expectations.
Student performance is consistently below grade level expectations. The content standard is not addressed.