District News and Announcements

3/12/2018 - Information re: Makeup of Cancelled School Days

Dear Parents and Guardians of Region 15 Students:

This information is to update you about our practices concerning the required makeup of school days that are cancelled.

Makeup of school days that are cancelled:  The district calendar calls for 10 makeup days to be added to the end of the school year. If additional days are needed, they are taken from Spring Break, April 16-20, starting with Monday, April 16 and working toward Friday, April 20.  Given that winter is not yet over, there is the likelihood that we may have to take makeup days from Spring Break this year.  Parents are reminded to consider this possibility before making vacation plans for Spring Break.

The current last day of school for students is reflected on the 2017-18 calendar which is on the district website at www.region15.org/calendars and is updated after each snow day.  I expect that you will find it a helpful resource as we weather the rest of the winter season.

Special Note for Memorial Middle School (MMS): As you know, I had to close Memorial Middle School for an additional day this winter due to loss of heat and electricity.  This day needs to be made up.  Therefore MMS currently has to make up 1 extra day of school and is reflected on the 2017-18 calendar found on the district website.

Should we have additional snow days, we will follow our plans as stated in the first paragraph, cognizant of the fact that MMS has one additional day to make up than the rest of the Region.

There is one exception to the plan to make up school closings for MMS:  If we find ourselves having to make up 11 days at MMS and 10 days at the other schools in the Region, MMS will not be open on April 16th.  In that situation MMS will make up its one extra day in June. 

All Parents/Guardians in ALL schools should note that if there are 11 or more days to be made up region-wide (12 or more for MMS), then all schools in the Region will be open during Spring Break to make up the additional days.

I thank you for your efforts to work with all of us in Region 15 as partners in your children’s learning.  Thank you also for you patience as we work to maintain student safety and learning through a challenging winter weather season. Fingers crossed for an early spring.

Regina Lemerich Botsford
Superintendent of Region 15 Schools