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4/23/2018 - Advisory Kahoot Link - April 23rd

From the Eco-Friends, Recycling Club, and Ecology Club...

Following Earth Day yesterday, this week is Eco-Week at Pomperaug High School!

Many students at PHS are passionate about environmental issues - whether it be pollution, habitat preservation, deforestation, climate change, or wildlife conservation. This week is meant to inform students about these problems, but also provide a platform for students to help solve them in small ways. In addition to this, Eco-Friends, Recycling Club, and Ecology Club have put together some fun and environmentally conscious activities for this week! 

In Monday's Advisory, students can play this Kahoot

full link: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/3d897c8c-235d-4570-a845-22c2759adce0


Other Activities Scheduled for the week follow:

Tuesday - After the half day, students can meet by the flagpole to plant flowers.

Wednesday - During SSDs (and other free periods that take place during SSD blocks with a note from a teacher), students can make birdhouses out of milk cartons.

Thursday - Videos will be played during SSD.

Friday - Videos will be played during SSD.

The week will end with Clean-Up Pomperaug! Students will meet by the flagpole after school and will pick up litter around campus. Throughout the week, the money raised from collecting bottles and recyclables will be given to the local Audubon Society.