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5/20/2015 - Student Innovation Expo Results

The Judges have spoken - and Pomperaug has prevailed!

Division Awards
9th Grade Academy - 2nd Place
10th Grade Academy - 2nd Place
11th Grade Academy  - 1st Place
E-Commerce - 3rd Place
Capstone Student Liam Kuck - Mastery of the Six Critical Skills
Capstone Student Grace Ziemke - Outsatnding Application of the Arts and Humanities

Overall Awards
11th Grade Academy - Outstanding Contribution ifn 3D Model and Animation
E-Commerce - Outstanding Interpretation of the Innovation Expo Theme

On Saturday, June 6, five teams of students from Pomperaug High School competed at the annual Center for 21st Century Skills: Student Innovation Expo, a competition in which high school students work collaboratively to design, develop, and implement an innovative product or solution.

This event is the culminating experience for Connecticut middle and high school students engaged in innovative, cutting-edge STEM education.

The Student Innovation Expo features exciting demonstrations of technology-driven activities that include creative problem solving, digital media, science research, and entrepreneurship. Competing teams set up interactive exhibition spaces at the XL Center in Hartford to market their work to the public. Each project was assessed by a panel of judges comprised of business professionals, higher education faculty, and experts in the realm of science and technology.

“Throughout the year, the students enrolled in the Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences use six critical 21st century skills in the development of their Expo project—Information Literacy, Creativity and Innovation, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Communication, and Responsible Citizenship,” said Brian Jehning, Pomperaug High School Digital Academy advisor and science teacher. “Practicing and mastering these skills will prepare our students to be lifelong learners and innovators.”

The PHS ninth grade academy team comprised of students who take Earth & Energy Essentials “E3”, Skills21, and Algebra 21 established Concept Chromatics which aims to produce a dynamic color changing product that is applied to a homeowner’s roof to reduce energy used, and therefore lowering heating and cooling costs.

The 10th graders who take Biology 21, Geometry 21, Mobile App Design, and Digital Media and Moviemaking are innovating a device to detect human diseases, mimicking a dog’s highly sensitive nose. The project, Dog Detection, studies how dogs can detect dangerous levels of Volatile Organic Compounds.

The 11th grade academy students are using what they are learning in Chemistry 21 and 3D Modeling and Animation to develop ThinkNature, a small biotech company devoted to environmentally responsible solutions to everyday problems. The team created the B. Filtered system using activated bamboo charcoal to filter the foul-smelling exhaust produced by diesel buses that can be hazardous to one’s health.

The E-Commerce and Entrepreneurship class at Pomperaug High School, comprised of juniors and seniors, will market Disinteglue Industries, a business to business enterprise, at the Expo. The team created a specially formulated glue which, when applied to labels on water bottles, will eventually disintegrate the plastics thus solving a critical pollution problem and bringing balance back into the ecosystem.

The nine members of the PHS senior class who have been enrolled in the Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences since their freshman year will be presenting their individual Capstone projects at the Expo. These projects range from a website service to unite community service needs to a scientific experiment designed to alleviate osteoarthritis symptoms.