Pomperaug Regional School District 15

New Security Processes in Place, eff. Monday

In an effort to be responsive but not reactive to the tragic events of Friday, the following processes will be implemented and remain in place until further notice.

Starting Monday, Dec. 17 and continuing until further notice:

1. At each school, all pedestrian traffic will have to access the building from the main entrance

2. All visitors will report to the office and must remain in the main office area

3. Visitors must leave any delivered items in the office and they will be delivered to the appropriate classroom

4. If personal delivery is required, the appropriate staff member or child will be located and that person will come to the office area

5. Parents requiring access to the school nurse will be escorted by a staff member or the nurse will bring the child to the office area

6. The point is: We want to limit visitor access to all parts of the school building.

We will re-assess processes each day and shift accordingly.

--Dr. Sippy