Pomperaug Regional School District 15

About Our Towns

Your children are individuals with unique interests and potential. They deserve an education that challenges and prepares them for their one-of-a-kind futures.

We recognize that you have many educational options. Region 15 Schools offers an academically rigorous curriculum, individual and team athletics programs that build a student’s self-confidence and competitive spirit, and myriad performing and visual arts programs that have been honored at local, state and national levels.

Region 15 has one high school (Pomperaug High School), two middle schools (Memorial Middle School and Rochambeau Middle School), four elementary schools (Gainfield, Long Meadow, Middlebury, and Pomperaug Elementary School), and a central office.

The United States Department of Education Exemplary Schools Program has designated both of our middle schools, Rochambeau and Memorial, as Blue Ribbon Schools. The Connecticut State Department of Education has information on Region 15's ranking within the state, and the District's Strategic School Profiles.

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Why Choose Region 15 Schools?

  • Public high school that ranks among the nation’s highest 
  • Schools that attract the state’s most qualified and rigorously-trained teaching professionals
  • Students who year-after-year score significantly above national averages on the CMT and CAPT standardized tests
  •  Both Middle Schools have been named "Blue Ribbon Schools"
  • Full day Kindergarten
  • Strong school performance reports by CSDE
  • 14 Advanced Placement courses graduation09sm.jpg
  • Reasonable class sizes at all levels: Elementary 18-20; Secondary 20-23; Special Learning situations 10-15.
  • Band and orchestra programs, 5th-12th grade
  • World Language, 6th - 12th grade
  • Interactive technology in virtually every elementary classroom, including laptops and SmartBoard technology
  • Strategic Plan 2009-2015

Discover how our award-winning curriculum can challenge your children to reach their full potential. We invite you, as parents and members of the community, to be a part of the Pomperaug Regional School District 15 and our unwavering commitment to the scholarship and personal development of our students.

About 95 percent of the graduating seniors continue their formal educations. They compete favorably for admittance to highly competitive colleges and universities throughout the nation. PHS has a 94% graduation rate.

Student services, which include Special and Alternative Education, are provided by Region 15 staff.  Technical and agricultural programs are provided by schools outside the Region.

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Community Information

Pomperaug Regional School District 15 includes the suburban towns of Middlebury and Southbury, Connecticut. On December 16, 1968, Pomperaug Regional School District 15 was formed with Middlebury and Southbury schools.

Interstate 84 runs through both towns, which are located just west of the city of Waterbury.  Both communities are located within easy commuting distance to the urban areas of Waterbury, Hartford, Danbury, New Haven, and Bridgeport.middgreen004sm.jpg

From Southbury, the approximate mileage to key communities is: Waterbury, 11 miles; Danbury, 15 miles; Hartford, 35 miles; and New Haven and Bridgeport, 30 miles.

Southbury's population has grown from approximately 2,500 in 1968 to a current population of approximately 20,300. IBM has a large facility in Southbury, and it is also the location of the nationally known Heritage Village, an adult condominium community. Connecticut Magazine (Nov. 2011) ranked Southbury in the top 10 of CT medium-sized towns, based on education.

Middlebury has a relatively stable population of approximately 7,450. It is located on the western border of Waterbury and is home to the corporate headquarters for Timex. Connecticut Magazine (2012) ranked Middlebury Number Four of CT small towns for Education.

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