Pomperaug Regional School District 15

BOE Members and Subcommittees

The members of the Board of Education are elected for four-year terms and strive to provide a quality of education for all of the children in the Region. The Board sees the community and the schools as a partnership necessary for effective education.

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Front: Sharon Guck, Jennifer Connelly, Patricia Perry (Chair), Janet Butkus, Marion Manzo.  Back: Richard Spierto, Francis Brennan, Paul Babarik, John Cookson, Steven Suriani.

Region 15 Board of Education
Location: Pomperaug High School All-Purpose Room #103
Southbury, CT
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Board of Education Secretary: Gretchen Usawicz

 Board of Education Member
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Political Affiliation


Term Expiration Date

Mr. Paul Babarik Republican Middlebury November, 2017
Francis G. Brennan Republican Middlebury November, 2015
Ms. Janet Allen Butkus
Republican Southbury November, 2017
Ms. Jennifer Connelly
Democrat Southbury November, 2015
Mr. John R. Cookson
Republican Middlebury November, 2015
Ms. Sharon Guck Democrat Southbury November, 2015
Ms. Marion Manzo Democrat Southbury November, 2017
Ms. Patricia Perry, Chair Democrat Southbury November, 2017
Mr. Richard Spierto Republican Middlebury November, 2017
Mr. Steven Suriani
November, 2015



Finance Committee
Location: Pomperaug High School Conference Room B
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Committee Secretary: Amy Schifilliti

Policy & Curriculum Committee
Location: Pomperaug High School Media Center
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Committee Secretary: Benay Woodford

Mr. Paul Babarik, Chair Mr. Steven Suriani, Chair
Ms. Janet Butkus  Mr. Francis G. Brennan
 Mr. John R. Cookson  Ms. Jennifer Connelly
Ms. Patricia S. Perry  Ms. Sharon Guck
 Mr. Richard Spierto Ms. Marion Manzo