Pomperaug Regional School District 15

Curriculum Teams' Role

The purpose of our K-12 curriculum teams is to support the articulation, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of curriculum.  District Curriculum Instructional Teacher Leaders (ITL’s) build a “knowledge network” within their schools, across the district and with the school community.  This is accomplished through the following five-step communication plan: 

1.  Communication across all schools:

  • ITL teams are established for each academic discipline.
  • ITL teams are comprised of the Assistant Superintendent and curriculum instructional teacher leaders from each school representing subject areas.  Administrators may also be members of curriculum teams.
  • ITL teams review student learning data; curriculum; suggest directions for future development; and respond to ideas and concerns raised by teachers, administrators and parents that affect district programs (curriculum).

2.  Communication within schools:

  • ITL’s serve as a communication vehicle for teachers and administrators in their school to make suggestions, express opinions, and ask questions. 
  • ITL’s share information about district level meetings with their colleagues and principals.
  • ITL’s work with their principal to develop in-school opportunities to communicate the work of their team and to receive feedback from teachers.

3.  Setting directions:

  • The ITL team discusses communications from teachers, parents, administrators or other sources that relate to curriculum implementation and/or student performance.
  • The ITL team considers all questions, suggestions and/or concerns, assesses the need to act on these items, conducts research about possible solutions or directions, and formulates recommendations in draft form.
  • ITL team recommendations are presented to principals and building staff for suggestions prior to final adoption.
  • The ITL team uses the district’s strategic plan and Board of Education policy as a guide for all decisions and recommendations.

4.  Curriculum writing:

  • ITL teams establish guidelines for curriculum writing projects.
  • ITL’s communicate curriculum writing opportunities to their colleagues and solicit their participation on writing teams.
  • ITL teams review drafts of curriculum writing projects prior to implementation.

5.  Curriculum implementation:

  • ITL’s communicate approved curriculum projects within their schools.
  • ITL’s communicate teacher needs for implementation assistance to the team.
  • ITL teams develop curriculum assessment plans and help analyze district assessment data and student work.

Roles and responsibilities of Curriculum Instructional Teacher Leaders:

  • Communicate – communicate – communicate.
  • Serve as a contact about curriculum matters for school-level colleagues.
  • Provide curriculum information to colleagues across the district as well as to principals and district level administrators.
  • Are knowledgeable of their discipline and are continuous learners.
  • Use current research and data effectively to set directions to improve student learning and enhance educational opportunities.
  • Are accessible and open to comments and suggestions from school and district colleagues.
  • Are willing to examine current practice in light of new research, best practices and student performance.
  • Believe that all children can meet high expectations.
  • Work to ensure that curriculum design and instructional practices achieve desired results.
  • Are positive role models, enthusiastic leaders and effective, passionate teachers!