Pomperaug Regional School District 15


Task Force background: The Facilities & Enrollment Task Force, comprised of teachers, parents, administrators, BOE members, and other local citizens, worked with consultants Milone & MacBroom to develop a five-year facilities and enrollment plan to help Region 15 balance the enrollments among the 4 elementary schools and between both middle schools, and also to start Full Day Kindergarten in August 2013.

This enrollment balance and Full Day Kindergarten plan was voted upon and approved by the Board of Education in January 2013.

Based on the instructional capacity of each school building, the Region 15 Facilities & Enrollment Task Force  developed a plan proposal to proportionately distribute students among the four elementary schools and both middle schools in order to achieve more consistent class sizes. 

In addition, the plan proposed that Region 15 will strengthen its early learning program with the addition of Full Day Kindergarten. 

The rebalancing and introduction of Full Day Kindergarten will begin in school year 2013-14. 

Middlebury and Southbury are projecting a decline in student enrollment in the coming years and Region 15 saw this as an opportunity to not only balance K-8 school populations but to  enhance the educational program. This includes a plan proposal to implement a full-day opportunity for those children who will attend Kindergarten starting in August, 2013. 

Planning consultants from Milone & MacBroom collected school and community information that will help with the process: census information, street maps, building maps, and grade level configurations. 


 Meetings and Reports

December 10, 2012
2nd Special Meeting on Proposed Redistricting Plan & Full Day Kindergarten

November 19, 2012
Presentation at 1st Special Meeting on Proposed Redistricting Plan & Full Day Kindergarten

November 12, 2012
Task Force Presentation "Why Full Day Kindergarten is a Desirable Option for Region 15"

November 5, 2012
Town Hall meeting for parents of elementary school aged children to review Revised Option "B".

October 22, 2012
Presentation by Milone & MacBroom to Board of Education, followed by Dr. Sippy's recommendation. This presentation finalizes the options to Revised Option "B" and Status Quo. Revised Option "B" includes a grandfathering policy and no split feeder to middle school.

October 1, 2012
Final presentation by Milone & MacBroom to Task Force. The members of the Task Force unanimously voted to send Options "B" and "C" to the Region 15 Board of Education for their review.

September 2012
Letter to parents regarding updated maps & affected streets, upcoming meetings/presentations, and overview of three proposals.

August 1, 2012
Meeting with families affected by Middle School Transition. Read here for "take aways" from meeting.

June 5, 2012
Further Redistricting, Specifically for Middle Schools ~ The Taskforce gave its approval for Milone & MacBroom and district staff to move forward with Scenario 6 as the framework by which we will use to complete a recommended plan to implement full day kindergarten and balance K-8 in Region 15 for the 2013-14 school year.

May 21, 2012
Redistricting Potential ~ As a result of the meeting, the consultants have been tasked with developing scenarios to further balance elementary and middle school enrollments. 

April 30, 2012
Alternatives ~ The Committee will continue to explore Option # 3 before making recommendations to the BOE. 

March 26, 2012
Vision and Future Planning criteria 

February 27, 2012
- Existing conditions analysis
- Single-Family Home Rentals analysis 

January 23, 2012
Kick-Off/Work Session
- Discuss Attendance Area, Student Enrollment and Births Maps; Work Group developed strengths and weaknesses of the Elem and Middle Schools
- Synopsis of Strengths & Weaknesses, as assessed by Enrollment Cmte. 

Timeline and Videos:

(Click link for video, if hyperlinked)
Date/Time Location Open to Public
and Televised?
Final Presentation to the Community Task Force Monday, Oct. 1
6:00 p.m.
PHS All Purpose Rm YES Report 
Presentation to the Board of Education Monday, Oct. 22
7:30 p.m.
PHS All Purpose Rm YES  Report
Town Hall Meeting for All Parents of Elementary Level Children
(Opportunity to ask questions about all aspects of the plan)
Monday, Nov. 5
7:00 p.m.
PHS All Purpose Rm YES Report 
Kindergarten Task Force First Presentation to the BOE:
"Why Full Day Kindergarten is a Desirable Option for Region 15"
Monday, Nov. 12
7:30 p.m.
PHS All Purpose Rm YES Report 
First Special Meeting on the Proposed Redistricting/Full Day Kindergarten Proposal Monday, Nov. 19
7:30 p.m.
PHS All Purpose Rm YES  Report
Second Special Meeting on the Proposed Redistricting/Full Day Kindergarten Proposal Monday, Dec. 10
7:30 p.m.
PHS All Purpose Rm YES  
Kindergarten Task Force Second Presentation to the BOE's Policy & Curriculum Committee: "Program Components of the Proposed Region 15 Full Day Kindergarten Program" Monday, Jan. 14
6:00 p.m.
PHS All Purpose Rm NO  
BOE Action on the Redistricting/Full Day Kindergarten Proposal Monday, Jan. 14
7:30 p.m.
PHS All Purpose Rm YES  


Proposed Maps

Revised Option B - This option was proposed by Milone and MacBroom and recommended by Dr. Sippy on Oct. 22

Middle School Streets




Why was it necessary to redistrict the schools?
Region 15 has grown substantially over the past ten years, and most recently has experienced a significant decrease in student population. An enrollment decrease is expected to continue for at least the next five years. Student population has not grown or decreased evenly among all schools, thereby causing an uneven distribution of students among the four elementary schools and two middle schools. This inequity of population has caused some overcrowding issues at MES and MMS.

The Board of Education addressed underutilized and overcrowded conditions in schools, and the impact of residential development on schools. The Board’s primary concern was on equity of educational opportunities for all students rather than the personal desires of any one group. 

The decrease in the number of students over the coming years opens up classrooms throughout the district. Region 15 wished to capitalize on this decrease by adding a districtwide initiative of Full Day Kindergarteners for our district's youngest learners. This is something that Region 15 has wanted to do for many years but did not have the classroom space or resources to institute this.

Why is Region 15 supportive of Full Day Kindergarten and what is the benefit of this full day program?
Region 15 administrators believe that Full Day Kindergarten is a desirable program. Two presentations (Nov. 12 & Dec. 10) were held regarding the benefits and proposed program components. The committee found that Full Day Kindergarten can provide better educational outcomes and better social/emotional outcomes for children.

When will Region 15 implement Full-Day Kindergarten?
Full Day Kindergarten will begin in August, 2013. 

When will the redistricting plan begin?
The new plan will go into effect in August, 2013.

What about grandfathering? 

Elementary School:   Children currently enrolled in grades Kindergarten - 4 are grandfathered, under the Redistricting Plan, and next year can attend the same school as they are in now. Children entering Kindergarten in Fall 2013 will attend the school as noted below in the redistricted area. Parents who wish to have their older child change schools in order to attend the same school as the incoming Kindergartner should contact the Office of the Superintendent as soon as possible.


Middle School:  Children currently enrolled in middle school as grade 6 or 7 students are grandfathered under the redistricting plan and may continue to attend the school in which they are enrolled.  Select neighborhoods along Main St. North, Community House, Old Waterbury, and Route 67 are redistricted to RMS. Current 5th graders in these neighborhoods will attend RMS in the fall 2013. Sixth graders who elected to attend RMS in 2012-13 due to anticipated redistricting may remain at RMS throughout their middle school experience.

What school will my child attend in Fall 2013?
An online chart details which school your child will attend this fall, with the caveat that children in grades K-4 and grades 6-7 are grandfathered.

Will this affect the high school students?
No. All Region 15 students may attend Pomperaug High School.

Where are the maps?
Maps can be viewed on this website, under the header "Maps". These have been updated in Oct. 2012.
Will redistricting result in smaller class sizes?
In some cases, yes. The real goal, however, is to achieve consistent class sizes among elementary schools and between middle schools.
How will this affect the bussing? Will my child be on the bus for a longer time?
Region 15 has an administrative guideline that requires students to travel no more than 45 minutes on a school bus. A transportation plan, as it relates to the school enrollment, will be developed over the summer.

Also, Full Day Kindergarten will eliminate the mid-day bus runs, allowing the district to reallocate this money toward running the Kindergarten program. 
My child will be in Kindergarten in 2013-14. Will (s)he ride the same bus as the children in grades 1-5?
Yes. If this plan is adopted, children attending Kindergarten in 2013-14 will ride to and from school on their assigned school bus. School guidelines require that Kindergartners ride in the front rows of the bus. The grades progress through the bus, with the fifth graders riding in the back rows of the bus.
What is a Direct Feeder System and how does this affect my child?
Students who attend GES or PES will attend RMS for middle school. Students who attend LMES or MES will attend MMS for middle school. 
Will I be able to voice my opinion on the plan before it is voted on by the Board of Education in January?
Yes. The Board of Education hosted two Special Meetings on November 19 and December 10, 2012. Parents and other interested citizens asked questions or provide comments to the BOE at that time. Also, if you still have questions, please email us at fsippy@region15.org or call 203-758-8259. 

Will redistricting affect the Before & After School Program?
No, this will NOT affect BAS.
My child's school is not over or under-utilized, so why are there going to be changes there?
Rapid growth or deline in an area, available seats in nearby schools, and the proximity of one school to another can make multiple attendance area adjustments a necessary option for ensuring enrollment balance among all schools. This may result in students being redistricted from a school that is not overcrowded to a nearby school with available space in order to accommodate students from a school that is overcrowded. 
When will teachers be notified if they are changing schools?
Teachers will be assigned to their current or to a new school.  Personnel and facilities planning occur over the summer 2013.
What will be done to help kids acclimate to their new school?
The Board of Education and Region 15 Administration will be developing transition plans to accommodate student transition issues.

Steering Committee

Central Office Administrators: Kelly Lyman, Assistant Superintendent Curriculum and Instruction;
Keith McLiverty, Director of Finance and Transportation
Board of Education Representatives: Middlebury BOE Representative and Southbury BOE Representative
School Administrators: MMS, RMS, LMES, PES, MES, and GES
Parent Representatives: MMS, RMS, LMES, PES, MES, and GES
Teacher Representatives: MMS, RMS, LMES, PES, MES, and GES
Town Representatives: Middlebury Town Representative and Southbury Town Representative
First Student Bus Representative (Adhoc) 

Contact Us With Questions/Comments

If you wish to communicate with us regarding the Redistricting Plan, please either email us at fsippy@region15.org or call the Superintendent of Schools at 203-758-8259.