Pomperaug Regional School District 15


11/1/13  Superintendent Botsford Security Memo (link here)

  • Over the past years, Region 15 has taken significant steps to improve our security practices at all of our schools.

1/8/13   Connecticut Security Symposium Summit Key Points  (link here)

  • Both the Region 15 short term and long term goals are the same: the learning environment should emphasize learning but be nimble enough to withstand the unimaginable. 

1/4/13   Region 15 School Security Plan   (link here)

The fundamental concept of our school security plan is to: Deter, Detect, and Delay unwanted visitors to our schools.

  • We deter by locking our doors and funneling all non-staff through the main entrance where they are cleared to enter the building
  • We detect unknown persons by use of security cameras and other surveillance equipment
  • We delay unwanted guests until First Responders arrive using lock down, evacuation and other defensive measures