Pomperaug Regional School District 15

Strategic Plan

In 2002, the Pomperaug Regional School District 15 accepted the challenge of building a strategic organization.  The strategic planning process fosters the school/community relationships necessary to realize the vision we believe is important for our students’ education. 

The 26-member Strategic Planning Team met throughout the year under the direction of Dr. Howard Feddema from The Cambridge Group, to create the Strategic Plan, along with the 36 action plans. On December 9, 2002, the Board of Education unanimously approved the proposed Strategic Plan.

Significant progress and three years later, Region 15 developed the Strategic Plan Update to make necessary changes in the original plan and to coordinate strategic planning with the budget allocation process.  Changes were recommended and submitted to the Board of Education for final approval in March 2007. 

In 2008-09, a new Strategic Planning Team, made up of some original members and some new, developed new strategies and action plans to create the Second-Generation Region 15 Strategic Plan. The Board of Education again approved the Strategic Plan, which will set direction for the District from 2009-2015.

In Summer 2012, a committee of administrators, teachers, and citizens met to update the Strategic Plan.