Pomperaug Regional School District 15


Region 15 accepts electronic applications for Substitutes on an ongoing basis.  Substitute positions with requirements for each category, as well as compensation rates, are listed below.  

Prospective substitute teachers must submit a completed electronic application with accompanying required documentation to Central Office for processing.  Once processed, the applicant's name is forwarded to our schools.  The Building Principal's secretary conducts the substitute calling when a substitute is needed.

Click here for directions to all Region 15 schools and Central Office.

All Substitute positions require:

1. Completed electronic Substitute Application Form AND I-9 Employment Verification Form.
(If you are having difficulty downloading the I-9 Form, right click on the link and choose “save target as”.  This will allow the file to be downloaded to your hard drive and then opened from there with a double click.)

2. Contact the Substitute Coordinator by telephone (Valerie Perry, Tel: 203-758-8259, ext. 117) to schedule an appointment.

3. Upon appointment with the Substitute Coordinator, the Applicant must present completed I-9 Form to the Substitute Coordinator.

4. Fingerprinting for purposes of a criminal history background check.  Please note: Fingerprinting is done after appointment with Substitute Coordinator.

Instructions for Completing I-9 Form:

1. Complete Section 1 of I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form. (If you are unable to access the I-9 please let the Substitute Coordinator know when you call to schedule your appointment).

2. Print the I-9 Form.

3. Upon appointment with the Substitute Coordinator, give the I-9 Form, with original identification documents (refer to Acceptable Documents List on I-9 link) to Substitute Coordinator. Examination of original identification documents is required by Federal Law.

I-9 Forms are also available for download during the Electronic Application Process

Substitute Teacher Substitute Nurse Substitute Aide
Requirements Requirements Requirement

Hold minimum of Bachelor's Degree

Scan proof of degree or teaching certification online, along with
your online application.

Hold current CT State Registered
Nurse license

Scan proof of RN License online along with your online application.

Hold minimum of high school diploma
Compensation Compensation Compensation
$85.00 per day

$180.00 per day (must work 4 or more hours in one day)

$24.00 per hour (if less than 4 hours worked in one day)

Regular Education: $10.00 per hour

Secretary: $10.00 per hour

Special Education: $12.25 per hour