Middlebury Elementary School

MES Social Studies


BrainPop - Social Studies
History Central - Information on a wide variety of topics
European Voyages of Exploration:  The Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
The American Presidency - a Grolier Encyclopedia Resource 
Presidents of the United States

Distinguished Women of the Past & Present
National Geographic for Kids
Yahooligans Reference Encyclopedia 
Scholastic's The First Thanksgiving

Grade 1
The Iditarod:  the Race Across Alaska by Scholastic.com
Grade 2
BrainPop Jr. - Social Studies

     Tundra - by BluePlanetBiomes
     Tundra - by the Missouri Botanical Gardens
     Tundra Animals - by Enchanted Learning
     Tundra Life
     Alaska Kids 
     Alutiiq People of Southern Alaska - by the National Musuem of Natural History 
     Arctic - People, Animals, & Plants
     Arctic Animals - a Thinkquest Site 
     Arctic Wildlife - by the Arctic Studies Center 
     Arctic A-B-C 
     Athropolis - Arctic Library Category List 
     City of Kaktovik, Alaska 
     Town of Old Crow, Yukon 
     Aboriginal Peoples of Canada - Frequently asked questions about Canada's Aboriginal                                                        Peoples  by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

World Atlas   Maps from all over the world 
The Smithsonian Institute     Discover our world.
National Geograhic For Kids

Grade 3
Urban Areas
    Boston, MA - Pictures from Boston, Massachusetts
    Honolulu, HI - Pictures from Honolulu, Hawaii
    New York, NY - Pictures from New York, New York  

Grade 4
     Daily Life in the Colonies from PBS.org
     The Charter Oak State
     ConneCT Kids
     Connecticut History Online

The Underground Railroad
     Underground Railroad BrainPop Movie & Quiz 
     Safe Passage Online

     Underground Railroad by National Geographic
     Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad

The Decades
     Archer Audio Archives 
     20th Century from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

Inventors & Inventions
     Inventors at Play
     Design & Technology - Inventors & Inventions  
     Famous Inventors 
     The Great Idea Finder
     The Greatest Inventors & Inventions Hall of Fame   
     The History of Invention
     Inventors and Inventions Theme Page
     Lemelson - MIT Inventor of the Week Archives
     National Inventors Hall of Fame
     The Smithsonian's Innovative Lives
     Zoom Inventors and Inventions
     World Almanac for Kids - Technology - Computers, Inventors, Inventions, & Transportation

     Immigration by Scholastic 
     Ellis Island Immigration:  A Photo Exhibit
     National Geographic Places Directory - Search for the country of your heritage 

     Flags of the World - Source for information on the flags and emblems of different countries
World Book Online
GeoGlobe   An Interactive Geography Site
American Memory   Documents and historical materials about people and
                                events that made our nation
Virtual Renaissance: A Journey Through Time

Grade 5
Native Americans
    Native American Website developed by 5th and 6th grade students
    Native American Website for Children
    National Museum of the American Indian
    Mashantucket Pequot Museum & Research - Exhibit Galleries

Online Map Puzzles - by Owl and Mouse Educational Software  
GeoSpy - by National Geographic - Games to help identify continents, countries, states, and provinces.
GeoBee Challenge- by National Geographic - Five new questions from the National Geography Bee posted every day. 
World Almanac for Kids
Ben's Guide to the US Government for Kids
State Web Games     by Sheppard Software - Learn location, capitals, and facts about all 50 states
World Atlas    Maps from all over the world 
Library of Congress's Country Studies Information developed by the US Government on more than 100 countries
CIA World Fact Book  Extensive Information on all the Countries of the World
World Book Online
Geo-Globe   An Interactive Geography Site
American Memory   Documents and historical materials about people and events that made our nation
Virtual Renaissance: A Journey Through Time