Pomperaug High School

Athletics Schedules

This site provides athletic schedule information for Pomperaug High School, Memorial Middle School and Rochambeau Middle School.

*You can view schedules for all Region 15 teams at one site.
*You will have access to the most up-to-date information and the latest schedule changes and postponements.
*You will have access to some of the practice schedules.
*You can view today’s events.
*You can view monthly schedules “at a glance” for all Region 15 sports teams.

Schedules change often and are subject to change without notice. We suggest that you check this site frequently for up-to-date information and cancellations.

Today's Events



Varsity Baseball JV Baseball Freshmen Baseball

Varsity Boys' Basketball

JV Boys' Basketball Freshmen Boys' Basketball
Varsity Girls Basketball JV Girls' Basketball Freshmen Girls' Basketball
Varsity Cheerleading JV Cheerleading  
Boys' Cross Country    
Girls' Cross Country    
Varsity Field Hockey JV Field Hockey Freshmen Field Hockey
Varsity Football JV Football Freshmen Football

Boys' Golf

Ice Hockey    
Boys' Indoor Track Girls' Indoor Track  
Boys' Varsity Lacrosse Boys' JV Lacrosse  
Girls' Varsity Lacrosse Girls' JV Lacrosse  
Boys' Outdoor Track    
Girls' Outdoor Track    
Ski Team    
Boys' Varsity Soccer Boys' JV Soccer Boys' Freshmen Soccer
Girls' Varsity Soccer Girls' JV Soccer Girls' Freshmen Soccer
Varsity Softball JV Softball Freshmen Softball
Boys' Swimming    
Girls' Swimming    
Boys' Tennis    

Girls' Tennis

Varsity Volleyball JV Volleyball Freshmen Volleyball
Varsity Wrestling JV Wrestling  


MMS Baseball RMS Baseball
MMS Boys' Basketball

RMS Boys' Basketball

MMS Girls' Basketball RMS Girls' Basketball
MMS Boys' Cross Country RMS Boys' Cross Country
MMS Girls' Cross Country RMS Girls' Cross Country


MMS Field Hockey RMS Field Hockey
MMS Boys' Soccer RMS Boys' Soccer
MMS Girls' Soccer RMS Girls' Soccer
MMS Softball RMS Softball