Rochambeau Middle School

Bike Show Focuses on Good Living

The Southbury Women’s Club sponsored an extreme bicycle ramp show for students at Rochambeau Middle School on Wednesday, May 11th. The Eastern Action Sports program is designed to give students the tools they need to develop good character and educate them about bike safety, anti-bullying, physical fitness, and clean living.

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The 40-minute ramp show included two bicycle riders, one of whom announces positive messages, a ramp and all safety gear. The riders performed small tricks for the audience, culminating in spectacular back flips.

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“In addition to a captivating bicycle stunt show, the presentation focused on good decision making,” said Heather Farisello, RMS 8th grade math teacher. “We’d like to thank the Southbury Women’s Club who sponsored the event to provide students with information that supplements what they’re learning in their guidance classes.”

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The Southbury Women’s Club overwhelmingly supported funding this event for the students.

“The club felt it was important to help make educational resources available to middle school students who, at this age, might be facing issues like drug and alcohol pressures or bullying,” said Trista DiDonato, president of Southbury Women’s Club.

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