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Jessica Clark

The Region 15 Board of Education (BOE) recognized six students as the recipients of the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) Student Leadership Awards at their June 13, 2022 BOE meeting.

This award, sponsored by CABE, recognizes students for their willingness to take on new challenges, capability to make difficult decisions, concern for others, ability to work with others, willingness to commit to a project, diplomacy, ability to understand issues clearly, and ability to honor a commitment. 

The following students were selected from Region 15 as the CABE Award Recipients: Chris-Ann Bennett and Aidan Weitekamp from Pomperaug High School; Joshua Lowry and Lily Scozzafava from Memorial Middle School; and Flint Erickson and Alexis Margerison from Rochambeau Middle School.

2022 Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) Award Recipients
L-R: Flint Erickson, Marion Manzo, Chairperson of the Region 15 Board of Education, Chris-Ann Bennett, Joshua Lowry, and Lili Scozzafava. Recipients not pictured: Aidan Weitkeamp and Alexis Margerison

Chris-Ann Bennett - Pomperaug High School

Chris Ann Bennett is stunningly bright, highly motivated, genuine, charismatic, mature, and most sincere. Chris-Ann's passionate pursuit of knowledge coupled with her desire to serve others is unquenchable. Chris-Ann has been associated with numerous clubs and it has been noted that these clubs have seen an increase in student participation because of Chris-Ann's enthusiasm and ability to lead. Chris-Ann is most proud of being elected the 1st Black Class President at PHS and for organizing the 1st Afro-American club. Chris Ann is a standout and is to be commended for all that she is and all that she gives.

Aidan Weitekamp - Pomperaug High School

Throughout his time at PHS, Aiden has proven himself to be a leader in and out of the classroom.  Aiden consistently carries himself with poise and maturity and seems to seamlessly balance all of his responsibilities, while achieving any personal goals he has set for himself.  In addition to being named to our National Honor Society, Aidan also is the Co-Founder and President of our school's Ultimate Frisbee Club, a member of our Athletic Leadership Council, and an athlete/mentor on our Unified Sports Team. He is also a four-year athlete on our school's lacrosse team and more recently a member of our school's golf team. He has been involved in his church, attending mission trips, and helping folks in need. Next year, Aiden plans to attend Michigan State University where he will study Mechanical Engineering. 

Joshua Lowry - Memorial Middle School
Joshua Lowry exemplifies student leadership. He is actively involved in his school, town and church communities. In school, Josh is a strong student as well as a leader in our Wingman program improving relationships between students.  Josh is involved in a wide variety of sports teams as well as service organizations in town.  He works to improve the environment, cleaning trails and restoring coral at a sea base. He makes blankets and sandwiches for those less fortunate and is an active Boy Scout. He is a Den Chief leader for younger scouts and is working on Eagle Scout projects. Josh is a student leader who is constantly giving back to his community.

Lily Scozzafava - Memorial Middle School
Lily Scozzafava is a young woman who exhibits leadership skills on many levels.  In the classroom, she is the person who will work with any student, she excels academically, and she takes the lead in discussions.  As one of our Wingman leaders, her abilities are carried to the rest of the school as she guides students through team-building activities in order to better the climate of the building.  Lily is also a leader on the sports field in both basketball and cross-country.  She works to better herself but always does it with others in mind, which is evident in her service to school and the community. Lily is the consummate team player and others look to her as a role model.

Flint Erickson - Rochambeau Middle School
Flint Erickson is a talented student at Rochambeau Middle School. He demonstrates an ability to work with other students as a musician for both orchestra and chorus. Flint demonstrates leadership and commits to community service projects as an active member of Boy Scouts. Furthermore, Flint was awarded the RMS Spotlight award for Innovation. Not only does Flint have creative ideas, but he also helps others to improve situations and take on challenges. Flint is most deserving of the CABE Student Leadership award.

Alexis Margerison - Rochambeau Middle School
Alexis Margerison is a talented student at Rochambeau Middle School.  Alexis demonstrates outstanding leadership across a variety of settings makes her most qualified for the CABE Student Leadership Award. As an active member of Student Council, Alexis takes on challenges and commits to a variety of student activities to add value to our school community. Alexis has been recognized by staff twice as an RMS Spotlight Student for her positive character attributes. She is responsible, perseveres, and collaborates well with other students and staff.