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Region 15 Schools

Region 15 Schools is pleased to announce that Hazel Fitzpatrick and Grace Kania have been appointed as student representatives to the Region 15 Board of Education (BOE). As non-voting members of the BOE, the students serve as liaisons between the student body and the BOE. Both seniors at Pomperaug High School (PHS), they share with the community updates on academics, extra-curricular activities, school spirit and school engagement. 

​​“We are excited to welcome Hazel and Grace to participate on our Board of Education.  We appreciate and highly value our student perspectives and insights and hope their participation encourages student involvement and promotes communication,” said Marion Manzo, Chairperson of the Region 15 Board of Education. 

Both students are actively involved in the Pomperaug High School and Region 15 community.

“This position is a unique opportunity to develop skills to prepare me for future work. It is an opportunity to work on public speaking skills and witness first-hand how decisions are made in the school district I attend. I am very excited for this year and am grateful for the opportunity to participate,” said Grace.

“I first applied to be on the Board Of Education because I value student-administrator communication. Without this communication there becomes a lack of connection between decision-making and student well-being. I am happy to bridge the gap between students and the administration at Region 15, despite just being one out of many incredible students in this district. I believe that I have a lot to offer and I feel extremely lucky to have become a representative of my student body with Grace,” said Hazel.