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Alexander Forst has been named the Memorial Middle School 6th Grade Geography Bee Champion. Using questions from the 2018 National Geographic Geography Bee, students in James Walsh 6th grade Social Studies were asked 6 rounds of questions to determine a class champion. Each of the six class champions then competed in a final round to determine the winner.  Approximately 125 students participated in the Geography Bee. Class champions from the 6 classes were: Nasser Chaudhry, Drew Gabarz, Brooke Murtagh, Genti Etemi, Alexander Forst and Chris Cappelletti.

“This was a fun and engaging opportunity for our students to learn geography while inspiring and rewarding their curiosity about the world,” said Walsh.

L-R: Brooke Murtagh, Christopher Cappelletti, Genti Etemi, Drew Grabarz, Nasser Chaudhry, and Alexander Forst.

Jennifer Murphy, Memorial Middle School Principal, stands with Alexander Forst, the 6th grade MMS Geography Bee Champion, and James Walsh, Memorial Middle School Social Studies Teacher.