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three people sitting on stonewall in field
Region 15 Schools
three people sitting on stonewall in field

Region 15 is proud to share that three educators are participants in a project led by Dr. Shelly Jones from Central Connecticut State University about creating culturally relevant math lessons using global and community math stories.

As participants in this yearlong project (L-R), Dr. Erin Birden, Region 15's Teacher in Residence for Diversity and Cultural Competency, Stacie Broden and Annie Smith, Region 15 elementary instructional math coaches, are designing and implementing instruction with students and teachers in the district. Their work will be published in a collection by the internationally-renowned organization, Math Kind.

The participating educators' idea for their community math story focuses on Connecticut's stone walls. Abandoned stone walls are found in the woods all over New England and have a long and fascinating story.  There are an estimated 250,000 miles of stone walls in Connecticut alone, with histories and mathematical considerations to learn and think about. The Region 15 educators are in the process of researching to write their math story with local historical and research organizations.

Including cultural ties in teaching is a research-based approach. In mathematics, this may be done through patterns or by representing different ethnic backgrounds in the storyline of a math problem. The goal is to help develop students’ positive mathematics identities and to empower them to achieve academically.