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Veterans Day Programs in Region 15

Region 15 recognizes Veterans Day as an opportunity to promote a deep appreciation for Veterans, to connect students and staff with service members, and for all to understand the significance of Veterans Day.

Special displays, breakfasts, flag raising ceremonies, along with classroom visits, provide an opportunity for Veterans to share their experiences with our students and staff.

Across the Region, students and families were invited to participate in the "Wall of Honor" program to recognize a family member or family friend who has served in the armed forces.  The honorees were displayed to recognize the many connections our families have with a member of our armed forces.

We will share photos and links from the scheduled November 11, 2022 Veterans Day events. Be sure to check back as we add new photos!

PHS Flag Raising Ceremony
GES Veterans Day Video

2022 Veterans Day

students dressed in red white blue and american flag in gym
students celebrating veterans day
students celebrating veterans day with letters u s a
man dressed in military uniform
two men folding us flag
students sitting holding red white blue streamers
four individuals sitting in classroom
student in boy scout uniform looking at a wall with pictures
veterans in gym
four people standing
students dressed in red white bue in gym
a man in green sweater smiling
two girls dressed in red white blue
a girl giving a person a red flower poppy
veterans day display
veterans day display
veterans day  men speaking into microphone
veterans day men speaking
veterans day display
veterans day display
heart with words veterans are the heart of america
veterans day display
wall of honor
painted poppies
lockers with red white blue pictures
man wearing veteran hat sitting at a table
red white blue display
rolls of blankets on table
students in gymnaisum
large auditorium full of students seated on floor
man and girl standing at podium
man in uniform standing at podium
veterans seated in rows
man sitting in chair in front of flag
man in camouflage uniform sitting in front of flag
bulletin board wall of poppies
bulletin board display of red white blue
large tags hanging from cieling
classroom with students
students sitting on rug watching video
two individuals talking to a group of people
classroom with desks and people speaking
two people standing
man standing
three people standing

2021 Veterans Day

person standing with flag
cut out hands in red white blue
thank you veterans flag soldier
five students holding sign
thank you from the bottom of our hearts
person speaking to people seated
pictures on wall
three people standing in front of wall with pictures
three individuals seated
pomepraug high school
group of students standing in a line
thank you veterans
person standing on sidewalk
person wearing a hat speaking
person in uniform speaking
people sitting in chairs
two people standing
red white blue banners in front of windows
Flag in front of sign Pomperaug High School
two people raising a flag on a pole
flags waving in front of school building
person holding a flag in front of flag pole
thank you veterans written in chalk on sidewalk
six individuals with hands in salute
two men putting a flag on a pole
group of students holding paper poppies
three rows of students wearing white hats
photo collage students doing artwork
three girls standing wearing red white blue
three students standing wearing red white blue
Five boys standing wearing red white blue