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Finance & Facilities

Providing a safe, healthy and functional learning environment for the students, staff and families of Region 15 Schools is the responsibility of the district’s Finance & Facilities Department.

This team manages custodial, maintenance, grounds, landscaping, energy conservation, environmental compliance and security operations at 9 buildings. It also manages the district’s annual construction and renovation programs, plus other internal capital projects, as well as the day-to-day financial operations of the district.

Budget Information


Joe Martino, Director of Finance & Operations
P: (203) 758-1743
F: (203) 758-1908

Ainslee Schifilliti, Administrative Assistant
P: (203) 758-8259 x 1020

Brenda Jean McGrath, Supervisor of Accounting
P: (203) 758-8259 x 1021
F: (203) 758-2776

Lisa Marshall, Payroll Coordinator
P: (203) 7588259 x 1022
F: (203) 758-2776

Susan Ploude, Accounts Payable Coordinator
P: (203) 758-8259 x 1024
F: (203) 758-2776

Robert Dionne, Facilities Supervisor
P: (203) 758-8259 x 1035