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Curriculum & Instruction

Region 15 has a strong commitment to continuously strengthening curriculum and instruction. Students in our district receive a rich and diverse academic program. We promote a balanced education that meets students' intellectual, social, and personal needs to help them continue their pursuit of lifelong learning. We strive to prepare our students to be thoughtful, active citizens who can function productively in a multi-cultural, rapidly changing, interdependent world.

Creating and monitoring quality curriculum is an ongoing challenge due to the range of grade levels a curriculum covers, the quality of the available instructional materials, and the changing expectations of student learning. Ongoing curriculum communications strengthen coherence across and among school levels. A well-designed curriculum can assist teachers in designing powerful learning experiences, providing seamless course/grade progression, and improving student performance.

Teachers take an active part in curriculum development. Standards and concept-based curriculum, performance assessments, and high quality instruction are at the heart of what keeps Region 15 schools thriving.

Our K-12 curriculum teams support the articulation, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of curriculum. Members of the teams help to build a “knowledge network” within and across all schools and with the school community. 

Numerous opportunities for learning also extend beyond the school day and school walls. Students participate in trips to other cities, countries and places that directly connect to their studies. Local businesses offer high school students real-world situations to apply their knowledge and problem-solving skills. These examples of three-dimensional learning experiences (classroom, text, real-life) stretch and enrich children and teachers in immeasurable ways.

Region 15's Educator Evaluation and Development Committee provides oversight for professional development and professional evaluation decisions in Region 15.

Connecticut Core Standards

Social studies framework & Standards

Science Standards 

connecticut core arts standards

Healthy & Balanced living framework 





Dr. Carrie Chiappetta, Assistant Superintendent
(203) 758-8259 x 1014 or Press 5

Mrs. Benay Woodford, Administrative Assistant
(203) 758-8259 x 1014 or Press 5

Jeromy Nelson, Director of Fine, Applied & Technical Arts, K-12

Ronald Plasky, Director of Athletics, Health and Physical Education, K-12

Arthur Blais, Academic Chair Humanities (English and Social Studies) 6-12

Christopher Walsh, Academic Chair Math and Science, 6-12

Math Coaches:
Annie Smith, K-5 (GES/PES)
Stacie Broden, K-5 (MES/LMES)
Jay Perez, 6-8 (RMS/MMS)

Literacy Coaches:
Sarah Dos Santos, PES
Heather Mack, GES
Stephanie Coxon, MES
Barbara Mikush, LMES
Shelley Kasbarian, MMS/RMS

Region 15 teacher evaluation plan

SRBI / Interventionists

Tutor information

Response to CT Right to Read Act

middle school high dosage tutoring program (HDT)