Privacy Policy

#4140/#6164 Responsible Use of Technology, Social Media, and District Network Systems


The Region 15 Board of Education provides students, staff and community members with
access to a large variety of technology and network resources which provide multiple
opportunities to enhance learning within the school district network and on the Internet.
Communication within the school district, the community and global entities are encouraged as
part of 21st century skills. All learners need and deserve 21st century learning opportunities to
thrive as tomorrow's leaders, workers, and citizens. However, all users must exercise
appropriate and responsible use of District technology and information systems. Users include
anyone authorized by administration to use the network. This policy is intended to promote the
most effective, safe, productive, and instructionally sound uses of network information and
communication tools.

The District technology infrastructure is defined as all technology related resources, including
but not limited to; software, hardware, cabling and connections that provide access to
resources, including the Internet. District devices as well as personal devices are subject to the
guidelines when using the district network or representing the district in communications. The
District maintains content filtering devices and software programs that control access to
resources and meet the Federal standards established in the Children's Internet Protection Act.
(CIPA) Such technology protection measure shall be in operation during any use of computers
with Internet access. However, it is recognized that this measure alone is no guarantee that
users will not be able to find Internet resources which are profane, offensive, obscene, or
otherwise objectionable. The ultimate responsibility for appropriate use of Internet resources
lies with the user.

Digital Citizen
Definition: "Self-monitored participation that reflects conscious interdependence with all (visible
and less visible) community members." A responsible digital citizen is one who:

A. Respects one's self:
a. Users will select online names and logins that are appropriate and will consider the
information and images that are posted online to ensure appropriateness. Users will not
share login and password information.
B. Respects others:
a. Users will refrain from using District network systems and social media to bully, tease,
or harass other people. Users will communicate in a professional respectful manor with
anyone engaged.
C. Protects one's self and others:
a. Users will follow protocols that will protect themselves and others by reporting abuse
and not forwarding inappropriate materials or communications.
D. Respects authorship:
a. Users will properly reference or cite work, websites, books, media, etc., used in any
student work.

Responsible Use
Responsible use of the District's technology resources is expected to be ethical, respectful, and
academically honest. Digital storage on district servers or on the cloud as well as technology
devices used for any purpose will be treated as extensions of the District's technology. The
Superintendent, or his or her designee, may review files and communications including
electronic mail to ensure that users are using the system in accordance with District policy.
Users should not have any expectation of privacy in files stored electronically. Electronic files,
data and communications stored or disseminated through the District's technology may be
subject to disclosure pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.

Users may not access the District’s networks without prior written authorization and are
expected to comply with the following rules of network etiquette and citizenship, including but
not limited to:

A. Use of Region 15’s network, technology devices, the student and parent portal, and social
media must be consistent with the District's educational objectives and curriculum.
B. Transmission of material in violation of any local, Federal, or State law is prohibited.
C. Intentional or unintentional use of District resources to access or process, proxy sites,
pornographic, obscene, sexually explicit, harassing, threatening or illegal material or
communications or explicit text or files or files dangerous to the integrity of the network is
strictly prohibited.
D. Cyberbullying is prohibited at all times, whether in district or out of district, on any device
using any connection.
E. Software, applications, and media may not be installed, downloaded or uploaded without
having an approved Software Form from the Building Principal, Assistant Superintendent and
Director of Technology.
F. Use of the District network for commercial activities, product advertisement, religious or
political campaigning, lobbying, or solicitation of non-district material is prohibited.
G. Accessing unauthorized chat rooms or instant messaging using the District's network is
H. Bypassing the District's content filter is strictly prohibited.
I. Users may not share their passwords and are expected to maintain their passwords privately
and securely.
J. Users shall not vandalize, damage, disable, intentionally disrupt or degrade the District’s
technology systems or network and may be held personally and financially responsible for
malicious or intentional damage or interruptions to network service, software, data, user
accounts, hardware, and/or any other unauthorized use.
K. Files stored on District-managed or cloud networks are the property of the District and may
be inspected at any time.
L. Materials published electronically must be for educational purposes. Administrators may
monitor these materials to ensure compliance with content standards.
M. Each user is responsible for taking reasonable precautions to ensure he or she does not
introduce viruses into the District's network. All material not belonging to the District must be
scanned for viruses prior to being placed onto the District's computer system. Users should
understand that their home computers and laptops might contain viruses. All disks, memory
sticks or perpetual media (e.g., DVD, CD) transferred from these computers to the District's
network must be scanned for viruses.
N. Users shall not "hack into," "snoop," monitor any network traffic or otherwise access data
not intended for the user including, but not limited to, other users' files and administrative
O. Users shall not violate copyright or otherwise use the intellectual property of another
individual or organization without permission.
P. Users shall not plagiarize (to take material created by others and presenting it as if it were
one's own) or cheat (to deceive by trickery, mislead or fool).
R. Users shall not send, transmit, or otherwise disseminate proprietary data, personally
identifiable information about students or other confidential information.

Procedures for Use
A. Students shall receive education about the following:
a. Safety and security while using e-mail, chat rooms, social media, and other forms of
electronic communications;
b. The dangers inherent in online disclosure of personally identifiable information; and
c. The consequences of unauthorized access including but not limited to hacking,
cyberbullying, and other unlawful or inappropriate activities online.
B. All student users and their parents are required to sign a written agreement annually, or at
the time of enrollment, to abide by the terms and conditions of this policy and any
administrative procedures and guidelines. If the agreement is not signed, District network
privileges will not be given.

C. Students shall not (1) access or use another person's account without written permission;
(2) share their password with anyone else or engage in activities that would reveal anyone's
password; (3) allow others to access a computer that the user is logged on to; or (4) ever sign
in, or attempt to sign in, as another person.

Violations and Sanctions
Accessing the Internet or District network is a privilege, not a right. Inappropriate use and
violation of this or any other Board policy may result in cancellation of all network access.
Inappropriate material is defined as any material or use that is inconsistent with the goals,
objectives, and policies of the educational mission of the District. Any user can be denied
access temporarily or permanently if the school or District administrator determines that a user
has used the Internet or District network in an inappropriate or unacceptable manner. Students
may also be disciplined or subject to other legal action.

No Expectation of Privacy
All users are warned that there should be no expectation of privacy in connection with the use
of the District's computer resources. Users should not create, store or use messages, files or
other information which they do not want school authorities to see. The following reasons
explain why users should have no expectation of privacy:
A. The District may have a duty under federal law to monitor on-line activities of users and
enforce the use of protective measures. Authorized administrators and staff may review use of
the District's computer resources and the Internet at any time, without reason or prior notice,
to maintain system integrity and determine that users are acting responsibly or otherwise
consistent with this policy.
B. Computer resources are owned, controlled, and maintained by the District. They are
provided to staff and students to be used for educational purposes only. Files or any
information stored on school-based networks are subject to periodic inspection and routine
C. E-mail communications can be stored indefinitely on any number of computers. Copies of
messages may be forwarded to others either electronically or on paper. In addition, e-mail sent
to non-existent or incorrect user names may be delivered to persons that you never intended.

D. Use of passwords to gain access to the computer network or to encode particular files or
messages does not imply that users have an expectation of privacy in such access or materials.
The District has global passwords that permit it to access all material stored on the computer
system, regardless of whether that material has been encoded with a particular user's
E. District personnel may receive or create e-mail messages and other documents that are
public records that may be subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

Use of Computer Resources by School Personnel
The computer resources are the property of the District and may only be used for approved
purposes. Users are permitted access to assist them in the performance of their jobs.
Occasional use of the computer resources by an individual school employee for personal
communications is permitted when the use does not interfere with the employee's or other
user's job responsibilities, performance of the computer resources, or operation of the District.
A short social message and a quick note to a family member are examples of permitted
personal use. Use for personal or third party gain or profit, or for entertainment, is strictly
prohibited. Solicitation for any purpose, other than to support a community service drive
officially sponsored by the District, will not be tolerated.

Employees are reminded that this limited, occasional personal use must comply with this
policy, and all other policies, regulations and practices of the District. Use of computer
resources is a privilege that may be revoked at any time, in whole or in part, at the sole discretion of the

Policy Violations
Users who become aware of any misuse of computer resources must immediately report the
incident to the administration. Any violation of this policy may result in immediate
termination of school-provided access to computer resources, including the Internet.
Additional disciplinary action may be taken in keeping with existing policies, procedures and
practices regarding the conduct, including but not limited to suspension and/or expulsion
from school (students) or termination of employment (personnel). When appropriate, law
enforcement agencies may be involved and legal action or prosecution may result.

Board Liability
The Board makes no warranties of any kind, neither expressed nor implied, for the use of
computer resources and the Internet access it is providing.
The Board is not responsible, and shall not be liable, for:
A. Damage resulting from unauthorized or inappropriate District network or social media
B. Use of information obtained via the Internet, including any damages a user may incur
including but not limited to, loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, misdeliveries,
or service interruptions caused by negligence, errors;
C. The accuracy or quality of information obtained through the Internet;
D. Unfiltered content that may be viewed or downloaded on District equipment that has
been provided to individuals for use outside District property;
E. Issues or damage caused by the connection of personal devices to the District's network
or improper use of the District's network or equipment; or
F. Personally owned devices that are damaged, lost, or stolen.

Notice of Policy
Students and school personnel shall be given notice of this policy annually. All other users
shall be given notice of this policy prior to obtaining access to or using District computer
Each user is required to sign an Acknowledgement Form stating that they have received
notice of and understand this policy and any accompanying administrative regulations.
The administration may issue regulations and guidelines in connection with this policy.

Legal References:
20 U.S.C. 6777 Internet Safety (Children's Internet Protection Act)
47 U.S.C. 254 Universal Service
45 C.F.R. 54.520, "Children's Internet Protection Act certifications required from
recipients of discounts under the federal universal service support mechanism for
schools and libraries."
Conn. Gen. Stat. 3148d -- Employers engaged in electronic monitoring required to
give prior notice to employees. Exceptions. Civil penalty.

Adopted/Revised: June 10, 2019

Responsible Use Policy Agreement
Region 15 Public Schools

What is the Responsible Use Policy Agreement?

The Responsible Use Policy will be adopted/revised by the Region 15 Board of Education on
June 10, 2019. The Responsible Use Policy (RUP) outlines the Board's specific expectations
for students' use of the school system's electronic information resources, including the
school system's computer networks and the Internet.

The RUP requires the preparation of the Responsible Use Policy Agreement which one
parent (or legal guardian) and all students in grades first through twelve are required to
sign and return to school before the student will be allowed to access and use these
resources. By reading and signing this Agreement, you are giving your permission for your
child to use these resources, and you are stating that you understand and will explain to
your child what the Agreement means. Students in grades first through twelve are required
to sign the Agreement to indicate that they understand the RUP and the Agreement and
agree to abide by them.

New technologies have greatly expanded the amount and type of information available to
students and teachers. In addition to our large collection of print media in the school
libraries, each school has access to a large array of electronic information systems via
electronic periodicals and encyclopedias and the Internet. However, access to so much
information brings new responsibilities to use the resources and information responsibly and
ethically. Below you will find a summary of the guidelines for accessing and using all the
information obtained through these technologies. We teach a simple and straightforward
version of the following guidelines starting in grade K, and we add more complex
dimensions as students' progress through the school system.

Student Consent Form

As a user of Region 15's electronic information resources and computer networks, I have
read, understand and will abide by the Responsible Use Agreement which implements the
Responsible Use Policy. I understand that my and the signature of one of my parents or
legal guardians are preconditions to my accessing and using the District's electronic
information resources. I also specifically agree to the following:

1. I will use digital technology resources only for educational and research purposes that
are consistent with the educational objectives of my teachers and the Board of Education.

2. I will use digital resources in a responsible, ethical and legal manner at all times. I will
not intentionally do anything to another users' work on the resources.

3. I will not plagiarize. I will give appropriate citations to an author or resource as the
source of information I find.

4. I will use digital technology resources as directed by a teacher or staff member.

5. I will be considerate of other users and data privacy when using District resources. I
will be polite and use appropriate language at all times. My log-in and password will be
kept private and not shared with other users.

6. I will send and receive electronic mail (email) appropriately for educational purposes. I
will report any inappropriate email messages or any misuses of email immediately.

7. I will not give out any personal information regarding myself or anyone else in the
district while using email.

8. I will never intentionally damage, degrade or disrupt the electronic information
resources, including computer services or computer equipment. I will not tamper with
computer hardware or software, vandalize or change data in any way, intentionally
introduce computer viruses, attempt to gain access to restricted or unauthorized networks
or network services or violate copyright laws. I understand that such activity may be a

9. I will use the portal for educational requirements and will use appropriate language at all

10. If I do not follow the rules outlined in this Agreement and in the Responsible Use
Policy, I know that I may lose my privilege to use the District’s electronic information
resources. I also know that I may be disciplined for not following the rules and that my
parents and I may have to pay for any damage I cause because of my intentional misuse of
these resources.

11. I am aware that some violations of the Responsible Use Policy may also be violations
of local, state and federal laws and regulations and that I may be prosecuted for violating
those laws.

Student Name:

Signed: Date:


Parental Consent Form
Responsible Use Policy Agreement
Region 15 Public Schools

I give the Region 15 Board of Education permission to allow my child to access and use the
electronic information resources in the schools for educational purposes. I understand that
when using a resource such as the Internet, it is impossible to restrict access to all
controversial or potentially inappropriate materials or to predict with complete certainty
what information a user may locate. I understand that the District will use filtering
programs, access controls and active supervision of students and will make all reasonable
efforts to protect students from any misuses or abuses as a result of their use of the
District's electronic information resources.
My child and I have read the Board's Responsible Use Policy and this Responsible Use
Policy Agreement for grades one through twelve, and we have discussed the Policy and
this Agreement. I understand that my child, in addition, will receive several lessons from
the school librarian and classroom teacher about the Responsible Use Policy and the
Responsible Use Policy Agreement.
I understand, and explained to my child, that he or she may lose his or her privilege to use
these resources at school and may be disciplined if he or she does not follow all of the
rules outlined in the Responsible Use Policy and the Responsible Use Policy Agreement. I
understand that my child and may be held liable for costs incurred by my child's deliberate
violation of the Policy.

Student Name: ________________________________________

Signed: Date:

(Parent or Guardian)

Parent/Guardian Printed Name:

I give permission to allow school personnel to record audios, take photos, or videos of my
child. These images or recordings, as well as student work, may be published in various
locations, including the school or the district website. I am aware that the district has no
control over any subsequent use or publication of the images, recordings, or student work
so published. I am also aware that third parties, such as media or other parents, may take
images of my child in school or at school events, and in those instances, the district has no
control over the use of those images once they are published.

Signed: Date:

(Parent or Guardian)



I have read and agree to comply with the terms of Region 15’s Board of Education's policy
no. #4140/6164 governing the use of the District's computer resources by school
personnel. I understand that a violation may result in disciplinary action, including possible
termination, as well as civil or criminal liability. I also understand that I am responsible for
financial obligations resulting from my unauthorized use of the computer resources, and
that the District may revoke my access privileges at any time.

Signature: Date:




Guest Users

In accordance with Connecticut law, the Region 15 Board of Education ("District") hereby
gives notice to all its employees of the potential use of electronic monitoring in its
workplace. While the District may not actually engage in the use of electronic monitoring, it
reserves the right to do so as management deems appropriate in its discretion, consistent
with the provisions set forth in this notice.

"Electronic monitoring", means the collection of information on District premises concerning
employees' activities or communications, by any means other than direct observation of the
employees. Electronic monitoring includes the use of a computer, telephone, wire, radio,
camera, electromagnetic, photo electronic or photo-optical systems.

The law does not cover the collection of information for security purposes in any common
areas of District premises which are open to the public, or which is prohibited under other
state or federal law.

The following specific types of electronic monitoring may be used by the District in its
• Monitoring of e-mail, Internet usage and other components of the District's
computer resources for compliance with its policies, procedures and guidelines
concerning use of such resources.
• Video and/or audio surveillance within the District's facilities (other than in
restrooms, locker rooms, lounges and other areas designed for the health or
personal comfort of employees or for the safeguarding of their possessions).
• Monitoring of employee usage of District's telephone systems.

The law also provides that, where electronic monitoring may produce evidence of
misconduct, the District may use electronic monitoring without any prior notice when it has
reasonable grounds to believe employees are engaged in conduct that violates the law,
violates the legal rights of the District or other employees, or creates a hostile work

(for Contracted Users)
Middlebury, Connecticut


I acknowledge receipt of the Region 15 Board of Education's policy number
_________________governing the use of the District's computer resources. As a user of
the Board's computer resources and Internet access, I agree to read and comply with the
terms of the district's acceptable use policy. I understand that a violation of this policy may
result in disciplinary action, including possible termination, as well as civil or criminal
liability. I also understand that I am responsible for financial obligations resulting from my
unauthorized use of the computer resources, and that the District may revoke my access
privileges at any time.

Signature: Date: