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Alternative High School Program

The Alternative Education Program for high school students is designed to offer selected students from Pomperaug High School the opportunity to complete Region 15 graduation requirements.

The program is housed on the campus of the high school in a separate setting. Students are recommended for the program by Pomperaug High School counselors, administration, teachers, and alternative education staff. The program provides an optimal learning environment and facilitates student's academic progress, social-emotional growth, and personal development while assisting them in meeting the requirements for graduation from PHS.

The program is also designed to enable students to develop the maturity, self-confidence, independence, sense of responsibility and social skills necessary to successfully make the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Contact Us

Paul Jones, Principal
(203) 262-3200

Kimberly Ottowitz, Teacher
Brian Mancini, Teacher
Sandy Starbuck, Paraprofessional